Brit Style Bobber


Brit Style Bobber1 2014 600x328

John – This XS650 started out as a 1981 Special, it took me over two years to complete and I finished it last summer. I had in mind a post war, British style, vintage custom bike, and (although it didn’t necessarily transfer into the finished bike!) took inspiration from Falcon motorcyles, Atom Bomb Customs, Shinya Kimura, Earl Kane, and Jeff Decker plus a lot of bikes on here. Continue Reading →


xs-ive force


xs ive force5 20147 600x366

Nic McKinney – This little rocket is a riot to run. I tore the engine down, rephased it, installed a pamco ignition, and replaced the stock charging system with hughes pma. I installed tc bros weld on hard tail. Built two 21 inch wheels with stock hubs. Threw the coils and fuse par in a pair of valave covers. Fasioned up a pair of tanks. And tooled a leather seat. This bike is a fun little kit. Continue Reading →

He who cannot be named


He who cannot be named3 201417 600x374

Kevin – Here’s a ’78 XS650 cafe thing I just finished. As usual it started with an ugly, non running donor bike. I’ve never built a cafe before and I wanted to do one with a mean and dirty look, like it wants to kill something. A mix of race bike, rat, and a little chopper thrown in. First step of course was to get it running, so I cleaned and jetted the carbs for the pod filters I put on, and the open pipes.

The tank was shot so I took another off the wall. I made the tail section out of an old Harley duckbill fender and put some dual taillights underneath. It mounts to the frame in the back, and runs under the seat to mount under the rear tank mount rubber. Then I made a pan, covered it in triple density foam and tried my hand at upholstering. Not too bad for my first attempt (well actually I threw out the first cover I made). Continue Reading →


81 xs650 chopper


81 xs650 chopper3 201414 600x426

Mark Emr – This XS650 was the first bike I really dug into pretty hard. I have made a seat or swapped some bars on a few bikes but nothing like building this one. The bike started as a nice dark blue special II that I bought off a lady on craigslist. I rode it around until the charging system took a crap and then went ahead and put it under the knife.

The hardtail is from TC Bros, it was simple to install and is a pretty nice kit for the price. I swapped the old ignition setup with a PMA kit and a Pamco Pete ignition with a single capacitor from lowbrow. The bike idles and runs perfect, the lights are bright,and she’s also never been easier to start. Continue Reading →

xs650 drop seat


xs650 drop seat1 20147 600x378

John – my xs650 drop seat — right hand shift , single carb.

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sour puss xs650


sour puss xs6502 20147 600x600

Benny Jett – It’s a 79 xs650 hard tailed with performance carbs.  Running it with just a rear brake. Has the deep wall spoked wheels with the inch lager rear brake.  Handle bars from jump street  customs. 3in dropped front suspension using Hugh hand built parts. Running ni battery with all new electronics All the  fab work done by me and the guys at pork chop customs, also painted by Corey from pork chop customs. In Hampton va Continue Reading →

lil Green Monster


lil Green Monster3 201410 600x343

Curt Black – When I picked up this bike it was all apart in boxes. Bits and pieces everywhere, the only thing that was done properly was the welded up TC.Bros hard tail. Any how grabbed it in Oct. finished in May. (With the help of my granddaughter Livi) who named it “The lil Green Monster” when we were done. These are some of the parts used from TC Bros. Forward controls, Sporty tank, Oil bag, Rear brake set up, Wiring harness etc. etc. The only mistake I made was I sold it… Continue Reading →