1972 Yamaha xs 650, Rat Rod

My beloved 1972 XS650 Yamaha Chopper

“It is one of the desirable years (70-73) for Yamaha enthusiasts. I’ve been told that they are the most collectible because of their racing history. They have the most powerful engines of all the xs650’s. I bought it a year ago from a custom car builder in Michigan. I changed the bars, grips, clutch cable,and plug wires. It is a kick start only but it kicks very easily.

Starts On The First Or Second kick

If it’s been sitting a week or more it takes three or four kicks. It is a daily driver whenever the weather permits. I can’t tell you how much it pains me to sell it. I am truly in love with this bike. Everyone who sees it loves it. It is the exact right shape and rides really well. The forks are six over with a 30 degree rake and there is no front brake. Needless to say it is not for a beginning rider. You have to be careful and stay ahead of other drivers mistakes. The bike is plenty powerful but if you need more the motor can be rebuilt and bored to 750cc and 900cc after that.

Have Fun Gawking At The Pictures

I would leave it for now. It should last for a long time as is. This is not a hack job. It was built by a professional. I have an orange metal-flake spare tank for it. The ol lady is pushin’ me to put it up for sale. You will not be disappointed in this thing. People always stop me to talk about it. Truly, you could spend three times the amount on another bike that wouldn’t get half the attention.

I’ve taken it to shows and it always has a crowd around it. I think it’s because it has that rat-rod charm. Judge for yourself. Have fun gawking at the pictures.”


  1. pete says:

    Bad ass ….. This shit is cool keep up the good work !!!!

  2. admin says:

    thanks bro

  3. kidhonda101 says:

    Great bike!
    I’ve got an xs 650 that I want to trick out to something close. Did you Looks like a cool different tank?

  4. admin says:

    cool thanks. come back i will post more stuff every week!!

  5. Johnny Clark says:

    Hello, my name is Johnny. my brother inlaw bought a 1972 Yamaha xs 650. he wanted to make a mean dirt bike out of it. he is not a mechanic, he cut all the wires off of it, then he found out that he messed up.Then he desided to give it to me. I got the old wiring hareness, but with some of it missing. I was hoping that you could email me a diagram, that i could read and wire up the bike without burning up the bike . I want to wire it up useing as little as possible, I need it to charge & run a head light & tail light & wire it up for turn signal’s if I deside to run it on the road. it has a starter. please call me or email me thank you !!! (704) 240-8582

  6. Jeff says:

    Don’t mislead folks on what can be done to a 1972 xs650. Without changing the bottom end you can not bore out the cylinders and put in larger pistons. The wrist pin on larger pistons is smaller than the stock 256 connecting rods, therefore, you have to change the bottom end with a bottom end out of 74-84 to get the 447 rods for a big bore kit.

  7. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    I have a 78 650 in a early 70’s paco frame,6 over front ,king sporty tank and its a foot clutch handjammer. I can’t wait till It’s done. A friend of mine in MD is working on it,when I get some pics I will post them as we go. I’ve learned there is alot of 650 people and can’t wait to ride with them .

  8. norm younger says:

    Really nice bike.