Firehouse chopper

noid bike pics 088 1024x768 Firehouse chopper

Write about your XS650.: I built this entire chop in my fire house. It’s a 1980 xs special with a T/C Bros. hardtail. The rear fender is original, tank from a sporty, and the bars  are out of J/C Whitney. It took me two and a half months to build and it rides great. Wiring was a bitch 21 hours. I’m ready for the next one!

noid bike pics 092 768x1024 Firehouse chopper

noid bike pics 093 1024x768 Firehouse chopper

noid bike pics 097 1024x768 Firehouse chopper

Robert O’Brien

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  1. Ted says:

    That’s cool how you used the rear fender mounting holes for turn signals.