Yamaha xs650 weld on hardtail


The TC BRO’S hooked me up..

The TC BRO’S hooked me up with one of their weld on hardtail’s.. It came in the mail a couple of days ago all wrapped up and ready to weld on. I’ve seen a lot of  guys rock their hardtail’s and after having one in my hands it’s pretty obvious why. They do nice work, ship fast and are ready to answer any questions.


“The Yamaha xs650 weld on hardtail is constructed of 1 1/8″ diameter steel tubing with .120″ wall thickness. The 1 1/8″ diameter is also the same as the stock XS650 frame tubing for a very nice looking install that looks like it was factory made! The axle plates are cut from 3/8″ thick steel and have an integrated mount hole for easy fender mounting.”

Thanks for the hardtail TC BRO’s..


I picked up some grinding discs and Sawzall Blades this afternoon and will probably get around to murdering this thing over the weekend.. hahahah… chopp chopppp.



  1. Ryan says:

    I have used their weld on hardtail many times, they make a great product.

  2. scheffers says:

    I think those weld-ons are very well fabricated, the looks are not special though….

  3. Teebs says:

    I agree about them not being unique, scheffers, but for your average joe, who wants to try his hand at some minor chopping, I think it’s great.

    This is an inexpensive way for a guy without a decent shop to get what he needs to do a hard tail.

    Of course, I prefer a bike that’s been built entirely by the owner. They have more style. If the builder has any skill and talent, his personality is going to show through in what he builds.

    With these tails, at least you know the frame has a decent chance of being straight and safe. Honestly though, I don’t think I’d buy a bike with a prefab hard tail welded on. The chances are that a hobbyist welded that sucker on and I’m not really interested in finding out if the welds penetrated properly. A bike held together in the middle by surface welds….scary thought.

    My personal opinion is that if you don’t have some years of REAL welding under your belt, take it to a proper welder. Don’t dick around with your life or the life of somebody you may sell your bike to. Tack weld the shit together so the welder knows what you want and leave it to a professional.

    As far as looks go, they look clean and solid. Not what I would do, but then I’ve never done what other people do. These bikes with the weld-on tails and Sporty peanut tanks are pretty cookie-cutter, but these guys are having fun and hopefully learning something about bikes and chopping along the way.

    Any way you slice it, they sill look better than your average, off the shelf Harley.

  4. smitty says:

    tc bros. have a nice product line tyler hooked me up and i am very happy but i agree with TEEBS on the welding statement follow the directions i have been tacking everything as i mock it up then i will blow it apart and get it tig welded i live by K.I.S.S… keep it simple stupid .and im not calling anyone stupid build what YOU want and you will be happy with it

  5. andy carter says:

    i think the tc tail looks good, i am not into all the swoopy doopy over the top o.c.c. shit. if i ran there tail i would cut it down to have 0 stretch (thats how i built my tail) it rides great and doesnt have a bunch of unsightly empty space all over it. but honestly if i was gonna do it over i woulda saved my self a bunch of hours of fab time bought one of theres cut a few things off and glued it on with the tig. but thats just my $.02 ted i cant wait to see how your bike turns out!

    -andy carter

  6. Chris says:

    Just spoke with Tyler via e-mail, TC Bros. do not make a zero stretch hard tail section but the quality looks very good. I’ll probably end up using theirs.

  7. How difficult was this to weld on, and what do they normally cost?

  8. Brodie says:

    hey guys. im only 17 and me and my old man are gonna bobber out a xs650 for my first road bike using a TC bros xs650 weld on hardtail. Although, i can only ride a 250 until im like 20 because of aussie licensing rules so i thought ill bobber out a xs 250, so i was wondering if i can still use the xs650 weld on hardtail on the xs 250 frame?


  9. Teebs says:

    Sorry, but the frames are completely different so the weld-on won’t work.

  10. Ted says:

    @ Brodie “I can only ride a 250 until im like 20 because of aussie licensing rules” That’s crazy! Where the heck do you live?

    I’ve been busy working on my bike almost every night for the past couple weeks. It’s getting pretty close. I’ve been holding back on the pictures because I wanted to do a full post on throwing on the TC BRO hardtail.. I’m super stoked at how it looks so far.

  11. Brodie says:

    Ok thanks for the answers:)

    Is there any way i can bobber out any 250 with hardtail?


  12. Harold says:

    used one of these hard tails on my first chopp made things real easy. tyler was great with any thing i needed to know. the ony problem i had with it was after it was welded the rear tire was a real witch to put on. talked to a couple guys had the same thing. if i was to do it again think i would put a spacer in to make sure the back doesnt pull together. good luck

  13. Rob says:

    Hey I need the instructions for this hard tail if anyone has them can you email them to me asap Rbarganier@gmail.com I cant get my disk brakes working with it

  14. carl says:

    i just bought a 83 xs650. i have started tearing it apart and in the market for a weld on hardtail frame. and more parts can someone point me in a good direction

  15. LJ houser says:

    I’m getting a 76 650 xs and I want to hardtail it with a bobber seat. What style gas tank would look the best a fat one or one of them skinny ones. This is my first bike ever.

  16. jeremy says:

    where should you go to get it professionaly wleded on?

  17. Heinz Thunderclap says:

    you could go to a local fab shop to get it professionally welded. I’m a welder but I live in BC so it wouldnt help you out any.hahaha