Ardcores Mother’s little helper…


Candy purple XS Mother’s little helper

We haven’t heard much from the Ardcore crew in awhile but that’s because they been mad busy building sick rides.  I’ve been waiting to see some close-up pics of this bike.  There hasn’t been a XS built by the Ardcore crew that I don’t  like (Not that it matters). They have a good eye for style.

Nate – Here are some pics of mother’s.
This is not our latest build but the bike we built for the Smokeout X. Mother’s features our new “No Recall” bars, sports a 21/16 combo in black and is built off of our standard xs rigid frame powder coated flat black w/ a springer to match,and runs our mid control set up which we sell as a builders kit and include evrything from the brake pivot to the linkages.


The paint is HOK black w/ candy purple over a nice heavy flake.The bike was originally built for Kim Ard and is now up for sale..

Mother’s rides like a dream and does get ridden hence the minor chips in the paint.
Anyone interested in picking this bike up can contact me at

Ardcore Choppers


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  1. Hesh says:

    Is the “No recall” a blow to Biltwell?

  2. dannyb says:

    seems like a dig on biltwell to me. They seem like class act guys, dont know about this bunch. not a bad looking bike, but there are a lot more tanks you could use other than the sportster, which EVERYONE seems to put on their bikes.

  3. dannyb says:

    also, the bars look like crap.

  4. Tebo says:

    This is a bike that’ll draw a bigger crowd than one of those big V-twins, anytime. Not perfect (yeah, what do I know), but a really, really great build. I’d be proud to own it, but ’til the ol’lady gives me a bigger allowance, I’ll have to settle for my ’75 basketcase rat-in-progress. Tebo

  5. Shotcaller says:

    I haven’t seen any bikes on this blog any nicer than this one. This bike is a perfect example of a “Pure Bobber”. Even if it’s not your style…don’t “hate” congratulate :)

  6. Teebs says:

    Since this is a custom and not a bobber, calling it a “pure bobber” is slightly inaccurate.

    Just looking at pics, Ardcore seems to do some really nice work. This bike isn’t exactly going to win any awards for originality, but since they’re in the business of building bikes for people to buy, it isn’t an issue. Their bikes look like they’re well made, look good, and have the style that at them moment is all the rage.

    Most people don’t want original, as the business TC bros is doing with weld-on hardtails proves. If you wanted original, you would try doing some crazy frame design of your own.

    So, as a bike builder, you build what people want and hopefully find time to build something that you really want to build in your limited free time.

    lol “the bars look like crap” Man, you must have incredible vision, because all I can see is that they look like standard z-bars. Also, they look good on that scoot.

    The cool thing about this site, shotcaller (whatever) is the freedom to say what we think. Love it or hate it, speaking our minds lets another builder gauge his build, and possibly gain some insight he may not have previously had. Don’t like hearing other people’s opinions: don’t post.

    The ride is awesome.

  7. Shotcaller says:

    I guess everyone has a different idea of what a “bobber” is. Seems like you don’t like to hear other’s opinions…we do agree on one thing though. The ride is awesome.

  8. Jason P says:

    I like the look of this bike. I’ve liked all the bikes that Ardcore have posted, they may not be the style that I like but they build beautiful bikes with good lines. Why don’t you like the sportster tank dannyb?
    Just curious. I think tanks for these bikes,that look right on the bike, are hard to find. Most tanks I have come across r way to big or way to expensive. To me the sporty offers a solution to both problems. I dont know what tank I have, it kinda looks like Brian(psycho freak garage genius). So when I post I’m hoping someone can shed some light. I thought it might be British but now?

  9. Ted says:

    Good points.. I just get sick of negative BS. Seems like there’s too much of that on other sites. I don’t want the comments on this site looking like they do on YouTube… Haha.

    Everyday has their own opinions about what THEY Think looks good and what they think a “Bobber” or “Chopper” IS.. But to me “Chopper” is as ambiguous as motorcycle. It’s an umbrella term..

    @ dannyb Where is your bike??

  10. Teebs says:

    Pretty simple; this bike is custom because the frame is custom made, not a bobbed or chopped factory frame. A bobber is a stock bike with unnecessary bits cut off and removed to lighten the load. A chopper is a bike that has had the frame cut and other mods made, not only for performance but aesthetic purposes, which includes adding to, not just decreasing from, the bike.

    You may have a bike in a “bobber style” as the one above is, it’s still a custom. Just as the new Honda Fury may be done in a “chopper style” but it’s not a chopper or custom, it’s a stock production bike.

    Call a chop or custom a bobber if you choose, makes no difference to me. But it is what it is. Mostly, the terms have become muddled because most people don’t know jack about scoots and don’t bother to educate themselves on the subject.

    I don’t care if you post your opinion. In fact, I want you to do so. Good debate and an opposing point of view forces a person to challenge themselves intellectually. So, knock yourself out. If I disagree with you, I’ll let you know. I’m not unfriendly, I just have my own opinions, and whether you like it or not, sometimes somebody has to be wrong.

    If you have a problem with dannyb being a little annoyed with Ardcore, maybe you should do a little reading into the question that has been put forward about Ardcore’s name for their bars by dannyb and the other poster.

    I’ve seen Biltwell’s bars. They seem to make a quality product. Because they had a problem in a minuscule percentage of their bars, (less than 1%) they issued a recall and gave a refund to anyone with the type of bars in question. They pulled all those bars from their distributors. The recall was VOLUNTARY. So, if Ardcore named their bars NO RECALL in response to Biltwell’s recall, I would have to say it’s a pretty low and juvenile thing to do.

    Still, they’re nice looking bars, it’s a nice bike, dannyb really didn’t need to add that last bit. He only hurt his case by doing so.

  11. dannyb says:

    “Teebs” those in fact DONT look like standard “Z’ bars, as they angle in much more drastically twoard the top. As for the gas tank, EVERYBODY seams to use sportster tanks on these xs650 build. They dont look terrible, but are starting to look a little cookie cutter to me.
    Also, i wasnt trying to be overly criticle of the bike, but the apparant knock on the Biltwell guys.

    I like the paint, springer and tire set up, but its not my bike, so i really dont give a shit, and either should the rider. If he likes it, thats all that matters.

  12. dannyb says:

    Teebs is right on his definition of a bobber. A true bobber is a striped down stock bike, originally made to go faster back in the day when guys rode their bikes to the races. so ape hangers would be a “no” for me, on a bike to be considered a bobber. we shouldnt neccesarly get caught up in definitions, but the term is thrown around so much these days, it deserves discussion. For instance, “American Ironhorse” motorcycle owners love to call there bikes choppers, when in reality, it is simply a raked out production bike, that was build like that from the ground up. Nothing was ever “chopped” off of it, or altered.

  13. Shotcaller says:

    I was the main judge for a California Harley show series that included Hot Bike mag shows for 2 years and this bike would be considered a “Metric Bobber”. Most of what you see around is more “Rat” than “Bobber”. That’s why I called this bitchin’ piece a “Bobber”. Being around the shows you learn to not say anything unless you have something “nice” to say. To criticize someones bar and tank choice, on an open forum, is just petty and childish. I would like to see Teeb’s bike or build to see how much “Bike Cred” he “really” has.

  14. Nate says:

    First off I would like to say thanks to the guys who like the bike and thanks to the guys who don’t.
    We have learned long ago that you can’t please everyone all of the time so the “hate ” on the bike is all part of the gig.
    The back and forth is good but I also think its a bit off putting to someone who may have been considering posting their killer build on they may be using a sportster tank(gasp!).
    Now to the big question the bars or should I say the name of the bars…They are named “No Racalls” for 2 reasons..The first being we had a bike with a set of these bars the was wrecked at about 70mph with the bike flipping and sliding down the road.When the rider asked what had happened to cause the wreck he said”I don’t recall.” the second being when the bike slid it last few yards it was directly on the top point of the bars,they did not break or bend and this is when someone that was around made a comment about “good thing they weren’t biltwells.”
    So yeah maybe they(biltwell) did have something to do with the name of the bars but I also know that the biltwell crew don’t take themselves so serious as to get bent out of shape about what some other company names a set of bars..
    You don’t get very far in life without a sense of humor,but I guess building and riding chopbobcustoms is too hardcore and we all know a guy that’s hardcore would never have a sense of humor he’s to busy punching old ladies,scaring children, and trying to figure out the best spot to place his latest custom sandcast swazi.

  15. Shotcaller says:

    Seems like the “snobbery” that the Harley guys have is also alive and well with the Metric guys too. Nate are you with Ardcore? I called Ardcore about the frame used in this build yesterday. I’m sure you guys are busy but I’d like to ask some questions that would be easier over the phone than thru e-mail. I left a message with a 661 area code.Thanks, Bruce.

  16. Nate says:

    shotcaller,email me your number and I will call you…

  17. VonFuct says:

    Blah, blah, blah…

    Can I see some better pics of those foot controls? Looked on the site but couldn’t find any info on the builder kits.

    bad ass XS though!

  18. Teebs says:

    The bike I’m building at the moment is posted here for everyone to see. I don’t give a shit how much “bike cred” someone may think I have. I build what I like and ride it, as I’ve always done. F*ck everybody else.

    Where is the bike you built, shotcaller? You talk about “snobbery” with your attitude? Does anybody give a shit that you’ve “been around the shows”? Feel self-important much?

    dannyb, they’re STILL f*cking z-bars. lol I think they look great.

    Nate, appreciate the back-story. It doesn’t really matter to me, but interesting to hear. I like the the look of the Ardcore bars. I like the look of the Biltwell bars. I’d rather make my own.

    Feedback, both positive and negative, is part of any forum. If you put your bike up here for other people to see, why wouldn’t you expect them to tell you the truth? I put my current project up on here and on other forums. If someone wants to bash it, no sweat off my ass. If it’s constructive criticism I’ll listen, think about it, and make a choice whether to change it or not. In the end, it’s still my bike and my skin isn’t so thin that I’m going to cry over some random idiot trashing it.

    As far as saying stuff like, “those bars look like shit” without giving a reason why you think they look like shit, that doesn’t do a damn bit of good. If you’re going to be critical, let the builder know WHY you think they look like shit.

    As far as the sporty tank, I’ve never made it a secret that I hate it. And I’ve complained about the cookie-cutter look of the hardtailed xs with the sporty tank, since everybody and their dog is doing it. Would I like to see something different? Yes. But it doesn’t change the fact that this a nice looking bike, tank aside.

  19. Shotcaller says:

    Teebs, If this was a forum site I would post pics of some of the bikes I’ve built. The problem is they’re all H-Ds. The fact that I think it’s petty to bash anothers bike makes me a “snob”? I’ve seen your build and I wouldn’t bash your build no matter what…it’s what you like,want and can afford. Seems like some should have listened to their wise Mother when she said “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything.

  20. Hesh says:

    Hey Nate thanks for the info on the bars name, I know the biltwell dudes are down guys and probably do not care what ardcore thinks. Its cool hearing the story behind the name. Keep up the good work and I hope to get some of those mids soon. Could you guys make em a little higher up, high mids?

    Teebs you got some time on your hands huh? ha ha

  21. Teebs says:

    Telling other people to comport themselves in a manner that you deem appropriate seems rather high-handed and snobbish, yes.

    Mom did say that. She also said, “If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask the question.” Whatever, I have little patience for passive-aggressive bullshit, so go ahead and keep talking; I’m done.

    Hesh, I’m an insomniac, I never sleep. Also, I can’t seem to make time to get into the shop at the moment… what is it they say about idle hands? lol

  22. Shotcaller says:

    You Mother was wise to say that but I hardly think that Ardcore posting pics of a new build was an open solicitation of opinions from “Random Idiots”;)

  23. Ted says:

    Shotcaller @ “don’t “hate” congratulate..” Exactly.


    Nate@ “The back and forth is good but I also think its a bit off putting to someone who may have been considering posting their killer build on they may be using a sportster tank(gasp!).” I was thinking the same thing.

    Guys take the time to send in the bikes they BUILD and I take the time to post them up for your enjoyment FOR FREE…. So here’s the deal. If you want to be a Dick kick rocks!

  24. dannyb says:

    What a wicked sensitive crew.

    I change my previous statements instead:

    What a perfectly build motorcycle! I wouldnt have built it any other way! Good job! Now let me tape it to the fridge, and pat your bottom for such a great job!

  25. JET36 says:

    Ardacore, thanks for the new desktop on the PC. cant get enough of the XS. Crazy to see people blasting art on two wheels. Had to stop ready stupid comments and add my own. The Bars rock. The tank rocks. IM saving up for the FU bars Ardacore!!!!!! Those are the best CHIT.

  26. hb says:

    bikes cool
    i thought i was on chopperunderground reading the

  27. Juan Carlos says:

    dannyb@ What a wicked sensitive crew.

    I change my previous statements instead:

    What a perfectly build motorcycle! I wouldnt have built it any other way! Good job! Now let me tape it to the fridge, and pat your bottom for such a great job!

    There’s a big gap between “also, the bars look like crap” & that ^. You couldn’t just say I don’t like the bars and skipped the tough guy nonsense or just said to yourself huh that bike sucks and moved on? Isn’t it Ironic that the pan you’re drooling over on your blog has a sportster tank?
    Why do you have to be a tool man?

  28. Shotcaller says:

    You’re right Ted. I like to look at ALL the bikes that are posted. I just hope that people will still post their builds and not fear the critics. Allot of the time critics drive away the Builders and the random guy that would normally post in this type of forum.

  29. Jack Rollins says:

    How about that springer front end! Killer… and the rear brake came out real nice. Yeah the sportster tank is used quite often, but honestly, its a rad tank and easy to get ahold of. I’m working on my first xs build right now and planned on using one and still do plan on it…

    Hey everyone whos not out kickin rocks right now, buy a xs650chopper shirt. I got mine and its well worth the 23.00 or whatever it was.

  30. dannyb says:

    compare the pan on my blog to this bike. they are two completley differant machines. When i made the comment “the bars look like crap” i was feeling a bit snarky due to the apparent knock to the biltwell stuff, which i think is top notch. So i apologize to all who were offended.

  31. dannyb says:

    i do love the xs platform as a chopper, and if and when i finish mine, i will put it out for all you to critique.

  32. Matt says:

    Bike is nice!

    Some people are not nice!

    These two statements cannot be argued as opinion, they are fact!

    Roger dodger over and out!

  33. mutherFn REEB says:

    Looks just like my bike. I like it. Paint looks cool as hell

  34. Dane says:

    I like the rear disc assembly. I was told that XS’s typically dont have the rear disc on the stock wire rims. Normally I’m not a fan of purple, but the paint job looks pretty good. I don’t ike the kicker. Some contrasting color is good, I just don’t think the color of the kicker compliments the bike.

  35. John Ferguson says:

    For the rear disc, you are correct. No stock Xs650 wire wheel combo made from Yamaha. Take a front hub that was made for dual discs and make a sprocket hub adapter for one side and bolt a stock Yamaha sprocket to it. Like the bike alot and even if I didn’t I could always find something on almost any build that I found useful and intreging. Always build my bikes to suit me and no one else; that is not to say that it does not lead me to re-evaluate what the criticism was and if it has some merit. Criticism is generally of some use. So use it to improve your abilities and don’t be so sensitive!

  36. the bike looks great nate. always liked the stuff you guys pump out.

    as for everything else, i’m going to not wear my shoes because everyone wears shoes. by not conforming, i am actually conforming to the nonconformists. i am a straight up punk rocker that wears no shoes. it just makes sense guys. let’s not turn this shit into a twat fest.

  37. also, the spoke disc wheel is of the harley pedigree. it uses a custom rear sprocket to mate up to the stock front sprocket. you can call up sprocket specialists and have one made up just the way you need it. you will still have to deal with the difference in axle sizes though.

  38. FongBros says:

    I really like the missing screw on the tail light cover. It gives it that I don’t care what you think look. Of course I’m only kidding. I don’t understand why people nit pick such nonsense. Overall is it a good design? Yes. Is it exactly the way everyone in the world would like it? No. A productive way to state an honest opinion could include starting with the big picture and working your way down to the details without bashing. For example That’s a great bike, but if it were mine perhaps I’d use (fill in the blank) bars instead
    because…That way it doesn’t leave it open for attacks. Make an opinion and clarify so the people who are waiting to attack you back have an idea where you’re coming from. That goes for all bikes and builds. Obviously Ardcore has capable designers/mechanics, but the opinions stated both good and bad do serve a purpose. Many people come here to “get” ideas for the bikes they are attempting to build. In a way these people look to the recognized builders for ideas. If people are honest, but constructive those opinions can trickle down to the beginners who aren’t sure what parts to use or who can’t see beyond what looks cool. With Ardcore, as soon as you see the frame and the cleanliness of the build you know it’s them and you know their stuff is going to look tight even if there are parts missing screws or handlebars you don’t like. They help draw people to the site and inspire people who need ideas. I don’t normally comment on anyone’s work because I figure to each his own. I guess what I’m getting at here is it would be nice if we try to keep our opinions responsibly stated so we don’t have to waste a lot of time reading as people try to save face and one up each other. Use that passion to make your bike great.

  39. Brian says:

    nice bike, looks tough to me. You guys do great work at Ardcore

  40. BillyBobba says:

    Good lookin bike, but from somebody who has spent the last 20 years cutting out bodies from car wrecks and picking up body parts from bike crashes put on some front brakes and a rear mudguard, All this purist crap about Z bars or Bobber or not Bobber, and you look over the glaringly obvious. Dum Dum Dum.

  41. blackwidow says:

    My mother taught me something it’s called if you don’t have something good to say don’t say it all. I know it’s opinion but I don’t see the point in saying I dont’ like this I don’t like that. Hell he built the bike the way he wanted if I ain’t gonna say anything positive about it I don’t post it. I do like this bike it’s awesome I love that kickstand and how in the heck did you do that rear disc it’s bad ass..

  42. Andy Foust says:

    It’s clean and simple… That’s a bobber. Keep up the good work guys. Any haters can suck it!

  43. Emery says:

    Nate’s paint is so sick!

  44. Ames says:

    Dannyb have you been under a rock for the past 40 years or so or are just 12 years old? Sporty peanut tanks have been the staple chopper tank since choppers were new. just because you recently noticed them doesn’t make them cookie cutter, they are a classic styling point. Yeah there are other styles of tanks too, the wassel, axed bobs, mustang etc.. are these classics cookie cutter to you as well? do you think those ridiculous bikes with fire extinguishers for gas tanks are cool? I have a feeling you do lol

  45. Keith says:

    I love the “No Recall” bars and want to order a set! They are the coolest bars I’ve seen in a long time!

  46. mattx2 says:

    The coolest bike on the site by far, nice work

  47. Lily says:

    Hi Jeff!!! it`s me…. your aunt!
    Happy to hear all about your history… i missed a bit, was busy on my side…

    I hope everything will be ok and you can go back to your home soon before it`s too cold.!

    Give me some news and I`ll keep you posted on my health (you probably know about it)

    Love you! Take care XXXXXXXXXXXX

  48. MrMike says:

    on a 1973 front drive sprocket, can you go larger? it looks pretty tight. How many teeth??

  49. James says:

    Love the bikes you guys are putting out there, but you stole my boots!

    I have the exact same pair of beatup “tanker” boots. Was looking at the bikes and ended up noticing the boots, imagine that.

  50. Migustigus says:

    Hi lilly!

    You’re awesome.

    I saw a bunny once.

    Nice bike but the bars are not my taste, but if we all liked the same stuff the world would all be driving a prius. *shudders violently*

  51. norm younger says:

    You guys keep setting the bar pretty high. Very nice bike.