Ardcores Mother’s little helper…

img 1005 1024x978 Ardcores Mothers little helper...

Candy purple XS Mother’s little helper

We haven’t heard much from the Ardcore crew in awhile but that’s because they been mad busy building sick rides.  I’ve been waiting to see some close-up pics of this bike.  There hasn’t been a XS built by the Ardcore crew that I don’t  like (Not that it matters). They have a good eye for style.

Nate – Here are some pics of mother’s.
This is not our latest build but the bike we built for the Smokeout X. Mother’s features our new “No Recall” bars, sports a 21/16 combo in black and is built off of our standard xs rigid frame powder coated flat black w/ a springer to match,and runs our mid control set up which we sell as a builders kit and include evrything from the brake pivot to the linkages.

mothers 1 Ardcores Mothers little helper...

mothers 7 Ardcores Mothers little helper...
The paint is HOK black w/ candy purple over a nice heavy flake.The bike was originally built for Kim Ard and is now up for sale..

mothers 2 Ardcores Mothers little helper...
Mother’s rides like a dream and does get ridden hence the minor chips in the paint.
Anyone interested in picking this bike up can contact me at

Ardcore Choppers

mothers 14 Ardcores Mothers little helper...

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  1. blackwidow says:

    My mother taught me something it’s called if you don’t have something good to say don’t say it all. I know it’s opinion but I don’t see the point in saying I dont’ like this I don’t like that. Hell he built the bike the way he wanted if I ain’t gonna say anything positive about it I don’t post it. I do like this bike it’s awesome I love that kickstand and how in the heck did you do that rear disc it’s bad ass..

  2. Andy Foust says:

    It’s clean and simple… That’s a bobber. Keep up the good work guys. Any haters can suck it!

  3. Emery says:

    Nate’s paint is so sick!

  4. Ames says:

    Dannyb have you been under a rock for the past 40 years or so or are just 12 years old? Sporty peanut tanks have been the staple chopper tank since choppers were new. just because you recently noticed them doesn’t make them cookie cutter, they are a classic styling point. Yeah there are other styles of tanks too, the wassel, axed bobs, mustang etc.. are these classics cookie cutter to you as well? do you think those ridiculous bikes with fire extinguishers for gas tanks are cool? I have a feeling you do lol

  5. Keith says:

    I love the “No Recall” bars and want to order a set! They are the coolest bars I’ve seen in a long time!

  6. mattx2 says:

    The coolest bike on the site by far, nice work

  7. Lily says:

    Hi Jeff!!! it`s me…. your aunt!
    Happy to hear all about your history… i missed a bit, was busy on my side…

    I hope everything will be ok and you can go back to your home soon before it`s too cold.!

    Give me some news and I`ll keep you posted on my health (you probably know about it)

    Love you! Take care XXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. MrMike says:

    on a 1973 front drive sprocket, can you go larger? it looks pretty tight. How many teeth??

  9. James says:

    Love the bikes you guys are putting out there, but you stole my boots!

    I have the exact same pair of beatup “tanker” boots. Was looking at the bikes and ended up noticing the boots, imagine that.

  10. Migustigus says:

    Hi lilly!

    You’re awesome.

    I saw a bunny once.

    Nice bike but the bars are not my taste, but if we all liked the same stuff the world would all be driving a prius. *shudders violently*

  11. norm younger says:

    You guys keep setting the bar pretty high. Very nice bike.