Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers

1 Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers

Bad Penny

I got an e-mail from Nate the other day with these pics of the latest ride to roll out of the Ardcore shop.Ardcore keeps cranking out sick rides. We also talked about and Ardcore doing some cool stuff in the coming months.  But you will have to stay tuned to find out. icon wink Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers

Nate: This bike is styled after the very popular “flying w” build but with a twist.. Features one of our standard rigid frames, top fool exhaust, mid controls,and much more. With this build we went with a set of stock mags drilled and powder coated satin black, and a stock dropped front end.

2 Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers
 Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers
The bike is finished out in root beer candy over a custom mixed base to give it a nice copper tone.
5 1024x682 Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers
 Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers
 Root Beer Candy xs 650: Ardcore Choppers

This bike is currently for sale for more info you can contact Nate

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  1. Blackwidow says:

    Your right Teebs you do have your own opinion and you are entitled to it but why say negative stuff when you don’t have to??

    If I don’t have anything nice to say I dont’ say it at all because I don’t get anything out of putting someone down.

    You don’t have to requote what you said I know you said he did a good job but you didn’t like it I just think there is no need for that.Have a good day.

  2. Billybobba says:

    I feel like a cracked record “front brakes duuuuhh”

  3. tadd442 says:

    It is IMPOSSIBLE not to offend someone when posting constructive criticism.

    Without it, there would be no evolution.

    Granted it sometimes may be edgy, but remember, it is JUST CRITICISM.

    (with as much validity as each and every response)

    Not to post an opinion, would be detramental to the purpose of this site.

  4. Shotcaller says:

    So saying ” I’ve seen better paint done with rattle cans.” is constructive? Seems like teebs has a “hard on” for Ardcore. I guess he forgot how he got railed by most for his “constructive critisim” on the “Mother’s Helper” Ardcore thread. If teebs runs off all the sponsers with his “opinions” there might not be a site left.

  5. tadd442 says:

    I was not aware that any sponsors had “run off”.

    From what I have read, (which is only a portion) the postings that cause the turmoil, are in response to an initial opinion.

    For instance:

    ~Original comment~
    “John Doe Choppers Inc. doesn’t make anything that knocks my socks off.”

    ~Average Reply~
    “YOU’RE a pinko commie!!
    John Doe Choppers Inc, is MY favorite”

    ~Original Commentators reply~
    (in defensive tone against average reply)
    “YOU are a pinko commie-who can’t weld”…and it only escalates from there…

    If people would let opinions stand, and make postings regarding the subject only, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S OPINION, the tone around here would be much less hostile.

    I have read a posting from a guy saying how this site is known for weeding out the posers……I agree…..let’s keep it that way….that being said, we need to value ALL OPINIONS and do our best to keep it from being personal.

    You don’t need to agree with the opinions, just keep in mind that the fire gets bigger when gas is thrown on it.

  6. Shotcaller says:

    I guess reading every post should be a prerequisite.

  7. tadd442 says:

    More reading as a prerequisite couldn’t hurt…the more info the better.

    Being that I have admittedly not read every post on this site, please point out the notification of a sponsor being run off.

    I am not defending anyone….ultimately, I am defending EVERYONE.

  8. Blackwidow says:

    There are posers with bikes cars everything but hey some of them are just starting and will stick with it a lifetime so you gotta start somewhere ;)

  9. Shotcaller says:

    No one said a sponser was “run off”. Here is my quote,”If teebs runs off all the sponsers with his “opinions” there might not be a site left.”

  10. tadd442 says:

    Sorry shotcaller…I must have read into it…thanks for the clarification.

    Blackwidow…I agree…and if that is your definition of a poser, I happen to fall into that category…to me, a poser would not have the lifetime commitment.

  11. Blackwidow says:

    Tadd I have a chop it is my second bike my first one I did a little work to and found out I couldn’t do what I want so I built an xs650.

    I don’t consider myself a biker or none of that I dont’ like to ride with others I only cruise around my little town. I just wanted something cheap on gas,fun to ride, that looks cool

  12. Mr.Dirtbikes says:

    This is my favorite bike. Would like to get it :)

  13. Ron says:


  14. HoeyUno says:

    These guys are doing beautiful work. As far as people on here whining about how all there bikes are the same take in consideration they are building for a market that loves a simple, clean XS.

  15. kenb says:

    Well it is sweet eye candy that feeds my addiction for creativity, just really dig the color lay out and just flippin kick butt work and I likey soooo much, I will use all I see in concederation for the next build buget allowing…. Thkz for the treat

  16. Alan says:

    Hey Ardcore!
    I’m loving your build.. I really wanted to buy rootbeer candy… but I’ve currently got a xs650 on the go.. I might end up doing a similar style build. Just one question. What is that tank off of?

    1. El Gaucho says:

      Sportster. Can’t tell if you were goofing or not though…….

  17. Blackwidow says:

    how is that paint holding up on the motor and carbs??

  18. Brandon says:

    Teebs, there you go again pissing people off! Just finish your own build, you bore me!

  19. dawg says:

    And I now own this bike. I got a real good deal and am very happy with the build on the bike. Unfortunately, he hasn’t sent me the key (hint, hint Jon) so I haven’t ridden it yet. I have already gotten a lot of compliments on the bike. The paint scheme is what caught my attention and all the details are what pushed me over the edge :-). We all like what we like and I like this bike. Oh, I also own a ’99 Royal * Boulevard, ’08 Raider S (Red w/tribal flames), ’05 SV 650 (for racing next year), ’77 xs 650 Street Tracker (very well done), ’77 Triumph 750 bobber, CB 750 Honda Harley (750 in a Harley frame, fat bobs, etc) of my own design and work (it still needs to be wired and then taken apart and finish work done: paint, etc ), and finally an xs650 rat that I want to make into a road racer for the Vintage class

  20. Nate says:

    Could you send us(Ardcore) some pics of you and bad penny?
    I would like to use them for our blog.

  21. chuck says:

    the best looking xs ever!

  22. Dean says:

    im trying to go from spoke to mags and add rear disc. any body have a parts list for this or step by step

  23. norm younger says:

    Great bike. I really like the wheels. I think im going to steal your idea if you dont mind.

  24. jackalthe says:

    Hello, sick bike, I’m wondering what master cylinder that is.
    Thanks, Jack