Bulletproof motorcycle chopper chain tensioner!

Monstercraftsman makes chain tensioners

Jon @ Monstercraftsman’s makes chain tensioners to eliminate all chain whip, chain noise and vibration. I am happy to have him on board at xs650chopper as a new advertiser. I give props to any entrepreneur who has the balls to step out on their own.

These chain tensioners are very versatile in that you can either weld them directly to your frame permanently or can also be bolted on. They feature a sprocket with sealed bearings and a hand wrapped stainless steel torsion spring. The nuts and washers are all stainless as well.

The Yamaha XS650 use a 530 (#50) type Rear Drive Chain. The “Bolt on” or “Weld On” tensioners can be placed in virtually any location in your drive line and fits 530 Chains (Standard) 520, 525, and 630 or the Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheel Universal to any chain size!



  1. Spun says:

    I would think that would take a lot of stress out of the whole equation. Got any footage with the wheel at speed? Welcome aboard.

  2. Spun says:

    Just went to your site and watched the video, thanks. One other question. You state it can be installed virtually anywhere, have you tried it on top? Seems to me it might cause issues.

  3. Blackwidow says:

    Looks like a good idea I’d like to hear peoples responses that have been using one for some time to see how the bike is holding up

  4. Spun says:

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  5. mxman817 says:

    so im torn here. ya it looks cool but if you keep your chain tight what is the purpose of this? does it help? i thought it was only needed if you had suspension because the chain would be less taught higher in the stroke and more taught lower in the stroke, therefore a tensioner is needed.

  6. Craig says:

    You need one of these because the chains a so much longer, they whip like crazy without these.

    My question is, how is the sprocket lubricated? I don’t want this thing seizing on my while I’m on the highway. Otherwise, I think I’ll opt for the skateboard wheel model (even though it won’t be as quiet).

  7. kinoshika says:

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  8. pete bailey says:

    Where can i get one of these neat looking tentioner? Pete……uk

  9. Mikey G. says:

    I have installed one of these on my ’72 XS bobber build. I am using a 5″ stretch hardtail section, so the added length to the chain would surely whip excessively if I didn’t use a tensioner. As for the comment above about using it on the top of the chain: You wouldn’t want to use it there because the front sprocket is pulling directly on that line, therefore it is tighter on top and doesn’t whip. The bottom is where you have the problem. The chain is essentially being pushed off the bottom of the front sprocket back toward the rear sprocket. This is where the slop occurs. I haven’t actually run mine yet as I am just now starting the final assembly of my project, but when I do get it going, I will update for all to see. Looks like it should work like a charm.

    Mikey G.

  10. pete bailey says:

    i have just biult an xs650 with four inch stretched frame, and yes you do need a tensioner it is a must, i used one from monstercraft, the one with the skateboard wheel and it works a treat……….Pete

  11. Troy Parker says:

    Where can I get One.