Hans from Holland PART # 13


LynXS Café-fighter

Amazing all the frequent updates here with all kind of XS 650 twins. Great to see so much variation on the XS theme. Trackers, chops, bobbers, café-racers, I really dig em all, you know the XS virus hit me hard for almost 25 years now. In 1988 already I rode a Santee framed XS chopper with high sissybar, apehanger and a long overstock springer front end. Several XS project followed, not only chops and bobs (see my Back 2 BasiXS), but also some speedy racers. The latest racer is the LynXS which I like to show you in this column-edition.


The name LynXS is a combination of two passions in my life, the Lynyrd Skynyrd band and …of course… the XS 650. I prefer to call this creation not a café-racer but a café-fighter, cos the old Fifties style is fused with hyper modern influences. Everything is lightweight alloy and maximum tuned on the LynXS, finally I can compete with my mates’ Buells. No matter what they tried, they can’t get my out their mirrors haha. It runs like a jet, it’ll cruise at 160 KPH and on the Dyno it reached 210 kilometres per hour.

Think the contrast between the bright orange powder coated frame and wheels and the hand polished allloy parts all over the bike turned out superb. The alloy tank is a real eye-catcher. Didn’t made this item myself, WBO Racing in Germany did this good job and they were also responsible for the alloy seat.


A nice detail is the window I made in the right engine cover, which gives a nice look at the clutch. Especially with the engine runnin´ it´s real cool !

The modified clutch has very heavy springs to deal with the 70 HP, so the cable is replaced by a hydraulic operated one.


The original swing arm was too heavy and less stiff and is replaced by an aloy swing arm donated by a Suzuki Katana 1100 which was scored at the local motor scrapyard for less bucks, same like the GSX 750 R wheels and 54 mm upside down front fork.
Rear Brake came of a VX 800 while the front brakes are also GSX-R items. The two 320mm floating discs in combination with two six-piston calipers provides an unbelievable brake power!


Exhaust System is complete stainless steel, made by StarTwin a local motorshop. They did an excellent job. The alloy heat shields I made my own, just with a handsaw and a file, like many other parts like fly screen, stabilisator/ fenderbracket, rearset covers etc. The mufflers are megatons for that real deep sound.


To build the LynXS I worked on it for about one and a half years, taking about 260 hours. I finished it two years ago and it´s a blast to ride. Handling and power is incredible. Unfortunately,  I´m intended to sell it, lack of space in my garage and the need for money on my new project are the main reasons. Otherwise,  I´ve got an addiction on building bikes and got so many ideas in my head….
In the next column more details on the LynXS and some pics of the build-up.
So far, greetz from Holland ! Hans Prost.


  1. mick says:

    Holly Crap!!! that’s some next level Hans. I love your posts. Keep it up.


  2. Ted says:

    I remember the first time I saw this bike, I spent about half an hour trying to figure out if you had a dry clutch installed. The attention to detail is insane. Like how you echoed the holes pattern from the engine cover to the exhaust shield. I can’t help but to think what I would change if it were mine. Not much. Hans you are a freakin artist man. I’d love to see this bike in person someday. Thanks for setting in the pics…

  3. chad says:

    holy shit. that clutch is awesome

  4. Hugh says:

    I love a Hot Rod… Now lets talk about that motor, what all you rockin to make that power? I’d ride this thing until it was worn, beat, and just plain downtrodden… Then I’d really start to ride it!

  5. james says:

    wow nice!

  6. Mike says:

    WoW!!!… That thing turned out great!!!

    I would not change a thing!!!!

  7. HAPPY DAN says:


  8. Blackwidow says:

    WOW is all I can say

  9. Steve says:

    Awsome !!

  10. Jesus says:


  11. Pete says:

    What year is the front end? Did the stem and post bolt right up or did you need to modify it? Really nice bike. I love the lines.

  12. Mike says:

    This bike sets the standard of what can be done. A true work of art. No other xs even comes close.

  13. reynoldburton says:

    For sure its an masterpiece of craftsmanship – big respect to all the technical details & solutions!
    But…sorry Hans…this thing does hurt my eyes. Much too much chrome/aluminium and orange colour for my flavor.
    But however – thats just a matter of taste 😉

  14. Jeff says:

    OK … that’s fantastic!

  15. Danny says:

    We Busch brothers work in a Ducati shop, and catch crap all the time for our chops. But this is one that I think even the hard core Ducatisti will repsect. Killer!

  16. steve chancey says:

    One comment and one question.Comment: This truely does set a new standard as to what can be done with these bikes.They are argueably the most versitile platform available in all of motorcycling,period.Now for the question:I have built what I,and many others,believe to be a really cool bobber and I have tried three times to post pics on this site and each time could not get to the pics to load them.? I’m not REAL sharp on the computer,but have no problem browsing choosing and loading pics for other sites.What am I doing wrong?When I click on “browse” then try to open the folder to select pics to load,the info for the whole folder appears in the window where the picture info should go! This is frustrating.Any help would be appreciated.BTW,GREAT site with a ton of cool bikes and ideas. Thanks,Steve (aka Fossil)

  17. REEB says:

    very nice!

  18. Ted says:

    @steve chancey- “whole folder appears in the window where the picture info should go” I bet if you stick your cursor in the upload pics area and then hit the right arrow it will move to the end and you’ll see the extension for the folder> picture> you are looking to upload. In other words you’re probably already doing it right. In any case, you can always just e-mail the pictures and words to email@xs650chopper{dot}com

  19. Harun says:

    Super Machine it is Made with Love. Groeten Uit LIMBURG NL

  20. Gig III says:

    This bike is great. The craftsmanship looks meticulous. Everything is very mechanical and functional. This, in my opinion, beats any modern streetfighter bike I’ve ever seen. Awe inspiring.

  21. black country man says:

    outstanding piece of engineering

  22. Metal Head Fab says:

    Dam Hans! I had seen a picture of this bike before, but didn’t know who’s it was. The finished product hits you like a ton of bricks. Crazy work in there. Great job.

  23. Davo says:

    Holly Holland!!! That’s one nice ride!!! And your riding it like you stole it…. even better…Keep up the good work “Mr. Holland”

  24. Davo says:

    Holly Holland!!! That’s one nice ride…. And riding it like you stole it…
    Even better…. Keep up the good work “Mr. Holland”
    Nice lines on the bike too!!!!

  25. Davo says:

    sorry for the repost %$@&~ computer

  26. kenb says:

    Most outstanding love the tank and all the shiney stuff just so well done!!

  27. B says:

    Cool bike, but I like your hard tails better!

  28. Ben says:

    Post video!!! we need to see that thing run!!!

  29. cj says:

    Im wanting to put gxsr front forks on mine to how much did you have to change for that set up any info would be great thanks

  30. Christopher Zylstra says:

    Hans, thanx for sharing….. it’d be criminal for you to keep such beauty under wraps. I still haven’t found the patience to build bikes to my dream specifications because I always get so excited about riding them! One day…. oi, Hans, I am spending the upcoming winter in the Netherlands, Utrecht, and I wonder what a motorcycle fanatic might do with himself during that time? Builders to visit? Bike Museums? Events? I trust your taste so let me know what you think I should do, please! There is not so much going on here in Canada but I think probably in Holland there’s no end to the custom bike related treasures!

  31. Hans from Holland says:

    ThanXS for all comments. CJ and Christopher; drop me a mail at hansxs650@planet.nl

  32. Lefty says:

    That it very impressive Hans. I truly am astounded. Nice work. Now let’s see you cut the tranny out and mate a motor up to a Baker. I’ll race ya.

  33. peeweepete says:


  34. mike says:

    the workmanship looks flawless. it never fails to amaze me at the unlimited possibilities for the xs. it seems, if it can be dreamed, it can be, with talent built. you have dreamed, and built keep the dreams coming and build your ass off. nice friggen job

  35. norm younger says:


  36. Hans from Holland says:

    The LynXS is up for sale now. No traders please, only really XS lovers.
    This XSotic has cost 10000 euro, this is without counting 300 hours work.
    Now for sale for absolut bottomprize 7000 euro.

  37. Rob says:

    Saw this bike at Ruinerwold. Had a good walk around it and was lucky enough to see it ride away as well. Had to know more about it. What an amazing beast!

  38. ronald says:

    Hoi Hans,
    Ik zit dus een beetje op deze side te kijke enne zie ik de lynxs van jou ,laat die xs nou in mijn bezit zijn geweest xu5262, leuk dat ik em naar zoveel jaar weer terug zie (en hoe) ik kocht em in 1989, heb hem toen helemaal opgeknapt,poedercoaten(zwart),nieuwe spaken en weet ik veel wat, heb em 5 jaar later verkocht. heb ondertussen alweer jaren een xs uit 82 die ik helemaal opgepimpt heb.