The Snot Rocket

The Snot Rocket

The Snot Rocket

Bought the bike in April 09…summer project through August…my buddy
Eric at did the fabwork….hardtail, z bar dragbars,
electric work etc….guy is killer….great job…he wins all kinds of
awards for his bikes…
my buddy Bill at Baird Customs shot the green for
me…then I went back in at striped the tank and fender and added the
old racing number 74 on the electrical box….the motor is all orginal
as far as I know…guy I bought it from said it had about 10,000 on
it…runs like a beast….bike was in the great condition when I bought
it…best I had seen….



we sanded all the chrome off to give it a cool dull finish….eric fabricated the
rear fender and I went with a mustang tank I bought from a Rockys Great Outdoors…
Bike is a bit of a rough rider….but hell man it’s a bar hopper…. not a bike I think I could
make much of a road trip on…beats ya up pretty good….gets a lot of


kinda cool, we mounted a set of brass knuckles on the
risers….surprises this bike is pretty quick…has 18″rear and19″ frontwheel…
was told that it was a drag bike style xs…just what I heard….
tried to make it look like an old California Triumph looking bobber….


Very happy with it….turned out great…. bike was
shipped down to Detroit for a Horse Magazine photo shoot

and is in this years canendar too. Added a before shot too…ugly root beer mother went
I got it…I call it the SnotRocket…Get a lot of crap fro the guys who
are just Harley guys….but the people who really know bikes appreciate
whats gone into this bike.



Fabricated by Eric at
my website is


  1. Gig III says:

    I really like this bike. The sanded chrome and pinstripe style gives it an aged look I really enjoy. Plus I’m running the same exhaust on the bike I’m building. Looks great.

  2. Nick says:

    Where did you find that rear fender? I cant seem to find a blank 5″ fender.

  3. R.C says:

    I am so torn up over this scoot….. love the paint and the alum finish. kick ass to be sure……….
    I cant buy into the space under the tank to the top of the engine. and the mufflers/pipe……
    the stance is huge cool as is everything else but those two things dont work for me. Kick ass scoot anyway.

  4. High Octane says:

    Fender was actually bought from Rockys Great Outdoors…wasn’t wide enough so it was split down the middle and about and inch and a half strip was welded down the middle to make it wide enough

  5. High Octane says:

    watch it though…we had to notch out part of the fender so the chain could pass by

  6. Blackwidow says:

    Those nuckles on the handle bars are badass

  7. chris says:

    bad ass bike! I have a 80 yam 650 ridgid i am working on. love those brass knuckles..

  8. Nick UK says:

    Hi great looking bike. Im doing this style with my one albeit with 70’s narrow glide front harley forks which ive adapted this weekend in my garage with 21″ wheel, but the colour will be nearly exactly the same! What is the exhaust make, I see it was on the original bike, after seeing it Im torn now they look that good, ive got fishtails mocked up on it at the moment?

  9. jamie says:

    hey man, sweet ride
    really like the bars and tank, but im gonna have to agree with R.C on the pipes

  10. Just after you signed a contract to provide a sterile “clean room” to build parts for the replacement Space Shuttle. In the contract administrator’s office, of course. Gotta show some class.

  11. Rola Cola says:

    I really like this bike. I was inspired to do an XS of my own when I first saw this bike last summer. I now have 2 a 75 and 79.

  12. Ted says:

    @ R.C – I know that when I see a bike I think about what I would change if it were mine. However, everybody’s got their own style. Think about all the different variations that guys come up with using the Yamaha xs650 platform. It’s crazy. Everyone bike comes out a little different.

    I’m really into the dull unpolished look on the aluminum and chrome.

  13. Tony says:

    Awsome job on the bike, Just wondering what kind of tank that is, I had the same exact tank on my old triumph chopper and don’t know who makes it. Any info would be great. Thanks———Tony

  14. High Octane says:

    Got it from Rockys Great Outdoors in Flint, MI
    Called a mustang tank…they have a website

  15. breahn riley says:

    What battery are you running?

  16. Hey man, sweet ass ride, Love it. You can tell everyone who is looking for a rear fender go to J&P they have every weith fender there is and not bad prices either. You can check out my bike on this site, “Pure Evil” Brat style bobber. Like I said, Love everything about your ride, Enjoy it and take care. Peace and ride free! Hotrod.