el-Perro-Negro by Ardcore Choppers

Ardcore Choppers 02481 587x386 el Perro Negro by Ardcore Choppers

Ardcore Choppers Blacked Out XS

Ok boys and girls here’s the newest XS to roll out of the Ardcore shop. The bike is on its way down to Tejas. That is Spanish for Texas. This ride was built for a guy who goes by the name of David Sweeney.

Here are some specs on this Yamaha xs650: Ardcore 180mm frame, Ardcore off set sprocket ,top fools exhaust set up and a -2 springer. The rear sports a 18 180 tire. This bike runs a boyer ignition. The IGNITION IS DESIGNED TO REPLACE YOUR OLD STYLE. The ignition system improves starts, idle and revs through the rpm range.

IMG 0009 el Perro Negro by Ardcore Choppers

The guys at THOMAS RACING hooked up the engine. Thomas racing is out of Indiana and they specialize in XS650 motors and other high-performance racing products. After they’re done building the XS power plant they test run it before it leaves the shop.

The motor is 100% rebuild and has a welded crank a valid job and bead blasted heads and cases.  The motors really worked over with new clutch fibers, new cam chain, new gaskets and seals and other good stuff. Sounds like a badass engine right?

IMG 0053 el Perro Negro by Ardcore Choppers

Download this pic as a Screensaver. Click Here!

The tank and fenders have been paint with SEM Hot Rod black and the frame has been powder coated.  Nate says “The customer wanted it blacked out so that what we did..”

IMG 0068 el Perro Negro by Ardcore Choppers

Is their anything else interesting that we wouldn’t notice from looking at the pics?

Nate- hmmm…The bike is running one of our offset sprocket to accommodate the wider rear wheel, also is running our chain tensioner..

Anything else you’d like to add?

Nate- Buy a gun.. _Nate

Ardcore Choppers

10594 E 59TH ST

Nate- I should also note that the photos where taken by Greg “the mayor” Andrews http://flickr.com/photos/gregthemayor the Model is Erica T.

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  1. Tommy Guns says:

    That bike is sweet! But, those controls need to go!!!

  2. Nate says:

    on the controls..the customer gets what the customer wants…

  3. Rusty Nutz says:

    Yup. You makes handmade shit and some customers think you pull it out of your ass or off a shelf like at WalMart. They give you shit and then they don’t buy. You make it look easy when you are really good at what you do, and the customer comes to believe that it really is easy, totally ignorant of how much work is involved in making it look easy. Well dickweeds, when you fuck up, the learning experience comes out of your pocket, and when you do good, you make an earned wage. When you get five minutes, the phone rings and it’s a dickweed. Or an anonymous dickweed volunteers nonsense in an email, or a board. A dickweed pisses you off, and you can go hurt yourself on a power tool. Try putting your own name on something and see how easy it is to sell it. Most dickweeds don’t have the stamina.

  4. chevy53 says:

    sweet bike man

  5. REEB! says:

    Erica T should model for my bike when its done. I’m only in Chicago!

  6. JesC says:

    You guys make some awesome bikes. Good job!

  7. Brian says:

    Ardcore rocks!!!

  8. Joe says:

    Ardcore, great bike! I’m building my own XS and definrtly understand that your head needs to be in the right place to be in the shop. My bike is a labor of love, doubt I’ll ever build another one, let alone build anything for anyone else. I’m way too picky!!!

  9. Gene says:

    I like everything except the bars. I have tried apes and they’re just about the most uncomfortable thing out there. And I like LONG rides!

  10. Gene says:

    PS – I’d be happy to throw a lasso over the red head though!

    And yeah, those are definitely the street of Indy!

  11. Bozo says:

    You wouldn’t by chance be the guy that called on Mon/Tue of last week about pipes and were told to get your order in ASAP as we had a batch we were building and waited until 7:30PM FRIDAY NIGHT to order them are ya?. You called on Sat. and we told you we would try to get them done to ship on Monday. Now your pissed we couldn’t get them done in 4 hours on Mon. to make the UPS truck and they went out on Tue. morning. Again forgetting you were told to get your order in ASAP and you waited until 7:30PM FRIDAY NIGHT. I checked your emails and everyone you sent was answered from March. As for our paint have even seen any of our paint? See boys and girls this is the kind of stuff we deal with DAILY.

    Hahaha Then what about me?you have my 2000$…..i know…..

  12. tim says:

    i like the bike , i love the red head, happily married, take the bike

  13. fanoboss says:

    I love ARDCORE….Maybe ARDCORE needs to qualify customers by makin’ sure they aren’t dealing with the whinny, I push button so I get BANANA NOW !!! MONKEY ASSES CUSTOMERS OUT THERE.. LOL. I’m not calling anyone of you that. ARDCORE PUSH LIMITS IN BUILDING AND THEY ARE TRENDSETTERS. I see them as leaders not followers. background on fanoboss: I play guitars that have been modified and also in a way that increases the value and playablity. You need true artisans for that, like ARDCORE. Magic does’t happen over nite…well, sometimes it does.

  14. Colocation says:

    Fanoboss, I agree they do create magic, and push the limits. That is a piece of art!

  15. norm younger says:

    great bike.

  16. Shane Ryans says:

    That is a tight little bike, Great video too.

  17. Piute says:

    Beautiful Red very nice high lights,seat looks great,,but stands like a blond,What Bike?

  18. fanoboss says:

    IKR Piute? what color is it ?

  19. Chuck Jones says:

    this has got to be one of my favorite bikes. So sleek.

  20. Lil'John says:

    Springer, single downtube frame, drilled disc, NO-strut rear fender, and a redhead…what’s not to like!!

    These fellow Hoosiers got class!

  21. Dean says:

    In my eyes that is the BEST built bike! It’s PERFECT in every way and nothings better than black foe a bike

  22. Jimbo says:

    Is ardcore still open for business? All of my emails go unanswered…

  23. Jeremy Bryan says:

    that girl is wearing my band’s shirt

  24. Jeff McCaskill says:

    Nice work, gents. Clean, mean, black, and bad! Stellar chop, man!

  25. Jeff McCaskill says:

    Nice work, gents. Clean, mean, black, and bad! Stellar, man!