Hans from Holland PART # 14




Hey droolin’ dudes,

In part # 13 of this column I’ve promised you to share some tech info and details of my LynXS café-fighter. This I will do later on, gotta share some amazing XS 650’s with you at this moment. So you thought you’ve seen it all huh? Seen the coolest XS bobbers on the planet? Well, fasten your seatbelts, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Take a close look at the following pics and be inspired !!! Said it before, it’s all in the details.

Greetz from Holland.













They won’t come any better….this is how it’s been done.

And now back to your sheds!

Old skool is the rule.

Hans from Holland


  1. chad says:

    holy shit. would gladly ride ANY of those. top notch work

  2. Hesh says:


  3. Ted says:

    There is some really sick stuff coming out of Indonesia and Thailand.
    I like the brown rigid 🙂

  4. XposerS says:

    I love everything about Thailand and now its more perfect. Ive been there 4 times and never seen sic rides like that.

  5. reynoldburton says:

    Uuuuh – Thais are the new Japanese now 🙂
    Perfect done bikes, dont know witch one I should like best.

  6. Hans from Holland says:

    Well Reynold, the brown on top gets my vote, that’s for sure.
    Take a close look at the lovely lines of the shiftlinkage, pure ART.
    And the colorscheme, and the 21″ rearwheel and, and….and.
    In one word; masterpiece.

  7. kenb says:

    Holy Crap where do you get one, Daddy likes.

  8. REEB says:

    bad ass bikes

  9. xseric says:

    He die Hans!!!, ik weet nog een leuke route naar Thailand laten we op de motor springen en erheen rijden, ruilen we die van ons voor zo’n prachtexemplaar, dan mag jij van mij wel die bruine hebben….;-)
    shit zeg , zelden zo’n mooie gezien…..
    (translated for the non dutch) Hi Hans, I know a nice route to Thailand, let’s jump on the bike and ride to thailand, exchange ours in to those bikes, you can have the brown one..;-)
    oh shit(is that alowed to say???)… seldom seen such nice bikes…..

  10. Harry Carmony says:

    Hans of Holland is the Hands Down KING of xs650 Yamaha Choppers!!!

  11. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! Works of art, every single one!!

  12. Hans……I think there would be a hell of a lot more comments on this Post, except that everyone is sort of Speechless…- The bikes are basically Breathtaking….
    ………..But then as well it is For Certain there is the Culture Shock…- I mean…- I didnt mind if there was a Guy In Holland who was Cool As Hell…- building Such Cool Bikes…- or when someone in the UK sets an example for me to aspire to, -Of course They are like Family…- It’s all Good…- But when I get my EGO Put In A Sling by guys who write in Hyrogliphics….- I would Much Rather just say it Never Happened…- The problem is, – I keep coming back to these Photographs….( TOO BLOWN AWAY!!!)
    I try to deal with it by reminding myself that “Yamaha” is not actually a 100% Texas Based Opperation to begin with….

  13. Hans from Holland says:

    I agree, they won’t come any better then this!!!!!!!!!!!
    These bikes take the quality level a lot higher in my opinion. take for instance a good look at the shiftlinkages, pure art.
    These examples go all the way and sets a new standard.
    Back to your sheds guys…..

  14. Hans,
    Now I am in Double Shock…- I just got a comment from The Actual Dutchman Himself!!!!!……
    “Pure art, Quality Level, and New Standards..”……..Yes…- those were the exact Horrifying Words that Tore Thru my Heart… Lmao…My mouth dropped open and my beer slipped right out of my hand…(WTF!!!!!!!!)
    …..Still tho – RatBikes built by Thugs with Hacksaws will always be the Pure Expression and Sheer Freedom of this Artform…- I figure “Choppers” got thier name from the first guy who cut his rear fender half off…(What the Hell did he THAT for???…- Lmao…- If they have to ask…- They’ll Never Know…)
    …- Meanwhile…- I am Still In Shock…- THUMBS-UP to The Dutchman!!!!!^5 HANS!!!!!!!!!….-PS, – Best Chopper Artical I ever read was written and illustrated by a famous West Coast Hotrodder/Artist named “Von Dutch”……..- (Relative of yours?)……….Harry

  15. tim says:

    it is pretty cocky looking

  16. sean from boston says:

    bye bye zipper

  17. This a great “droool” post but do ya think maybe u could sub title the text that goes with the pic’s as it seems to me we the reader are missing out on a hell of alot. Thanks for the post though “Lovin It” !

  18. hydra 2010 says: