No Thanks XS!!!

No Thanks XS 587x414 No Thanks XS!!!

Riding a 04 HD Deuce to building my own XS650

My buddy Mark got me involved in XS650’s about 3 years ago when I saw the bike he built sitting in his kitchen on the way downstairs to get a brew, I wanted to know everything about it and how he built it, well after that night and a hangover later I went from riding a 04 HD Deuce to building my own XS650.

noid Daytona 2010 Marks Pics 040 No Thanks XS!!!

I started with a G&L hardtail, shaved and lowered the front forks, 180 rear with a Gary Po offset kit, stock front hub laced to a 21” with stainless Buchanan spokes, Pamco Ign, and all my electrics hidden in my old gas can that I found at an antique store.

noid DSCN0632 No Thanks XS!!!

Everything that was in my head was put In this build and I couldn’t be any happier with the turnout, I honestly can say that I have more fun riding the XS than I ever did my Deuce, I’m not slamming Harleys but this bike is a blast and I didn’t have to get a loan out to build it.

noid DSCN0635 No Thanks XS!!!

I want to thank Mark Walker and Rob Ross for your guys help and motivation to get this project finished in 12 weeks in that cold ass winter for Daytona 2010. I know I’ve forgotten a lot so feel free to ask any questions or comment but be gentle it’s my first time and not my last.

noid DSCN0785 No Thanks XS!!!

I can’t wait to start another, I’m going Brat style next I think,  well shit I like em all.


Tracy Smith

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  1. brian says:

    Just adding a hardtail does not change how u register the bike cause the neck on the bike with the vin number will still be on it.

  2. Uncle Bear says:

    I don’t usually care for “Fat Rear Tire” bikes, but yours is “Killer”! Keep building. Later

  3. Tracy says:

    @ Uncle Bear – Yeah man I got a little crap for the 180 tire, But it was actually so I could get a bigger fender on the rear for my wife, her idea :) My next build there will not be a fat tire, It was a pain in the ass to get setup, not fun. Sometimes you do what you gotta do when it comes to the woman.

  4. Wooley says:

    Seeing and reading what people are doing with these bikes is exciting. This is another fine example of craftmanship found all over this site.

  5. nelsonic72 says:

    nice. will you be putting some paint on it?

  6. Tracy says:

    Thought about it, nothing fancy just some flat and gloss black, not going to paint it till next winter though, plus im building another. Time flies when your choppin.

  7. Shane Ryans says:

    That is a cool first bike. I like how you put the old gas can in there to hide your electronics.

  8. Shane Ryans says:

    Nice build, love how it is brushed metal mostly

  9. Shane Ryans says:

    That is a big perk that you don’t have to get a loan to build a really fun bike.

  10. fanoboss says:


  11. 77metricbobber says:

    This bike is truly awesome, lots of keen work I like everything but… my two cents is make the front tire like the rear it looks odd…

  12. sunny says:

    nice ratbike man what style hardtail you use and is there a weld on tail shit in cali sucks man you can only have one custom bike in a lifetime per name and whats under swat looks like mini trash can

  13. fanoboss says:

    It’s cool to go back and look at the same bike, maybe months later, and see thing I didn’t notice before…

  14. 3Deuce27 says:

    It’s a long ways from that first look and pang of desire to a ride-able Scoot. Most don’t take, especially with their own hands.

    Nice job Tracy

  15. El Gaucho says:

    Hmmmm, 180 rear. I don’t usually like fat tire bikes, but that is fat without being gaudy. I like it. Might have to do one sometime.

  16. daisy (my dog's name) says:

    Cool scoot. Now, about the pic of you flipping the bird: Dude, with that helmet and those shoes, Dennis Hopper you ain’t.

  17. Tracy says:

    Wow lets see, 42 degrees that morning yeah I think ill put a helmet on so I can see and not freeze (just thinking of my safety and others). Vans shoes (been around since 1966). Dennis Hopper is a poofter. So tell Daisy my dog would skull f*ck her face.

  18. Matt says:

    I like the bike… But like the guy said above, you look like a chode flipping the bird with your white socks, tennis shoes and pink helmet. Just sayin :)

  19. daisy (my dog's name) says:

    Oh, look out, Matt. Tracy doesn’t take kindly to being kidded about his rideing gear. Don’t be fooled by his sissy get-up: He is one bad mo fo. And so is his dog.

  20. Tracy says:

    Gotta wonder about dudes worrying about what I look like and what I’m doing when I’m riding!