Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

Fong Bros cream Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

Billy Joe Fong’s- creamy ride

This XS is a creation of the Fong Bros and it belongs to (Billy Joe Fong) AKA Denis. It is probably not necessary to point out that the bike is by the Fong Bros as their style is definitely recognizable and this site is littered with their rides.  You can see how-to-lace-a-wheel-from-scratch here which features the wheels that ended up on this ride. The Fong Bros like leaving in the center cross member with the foot controls/pegs which you can see in some of their other builds.

IMG 2970 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

Denis actually sent some pictures of this bike in a couple weeks back but I was sitting on them until we could get some more shots. Denis- “It’s tough getting pics right now because there is still snow EVERYWHERE. In fact, I just (Sunday) dislocated my arm getting that bike off the truck because I slid on some ice as it was coming down the ramp..

IMG 2985 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

IMG 2993 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

Denis- “As for the white bike, It’s a 1982 xs650 special. It was a mail delivery bike for the Post Office in either Delaware or Pennsylvania but was only used for about 10,000 miles. The tail is a TC Bros tail that I made some very minor mods to. I was using Kansas Kustoms but I was able to get a good deal with TC Bros. From front to back, here’s what was done. The forks were done by hand. I used an angle grinder and a hand file to get rid of all the tabs and smooth them out, then polished them. They are also lowered 2.75 inches.

The front and rear wheels are 21 inch Ankront’s laced to the 650 hubs and have Trials tires..I usually don’t like to use shouldered wheels, but I wanted Fong Bros on the wheels and it was easy to do on the shoulder.  I made the handlebars out of the stock bars and a pair of clip-ons. The gas tank is a high tunnel Wassel that did not fit well at all. I had to move the coil and cut part of the motormount off the top of the engine to get it to fit. It is silver leafed. There is a LaRosa polised seat. I pretty much just wanted it to look old.”

IMG 3012 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

IMG 3025 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Show Feb12-14

Denis- “xs650s that were at the Mid-Atlantic motorcycle Show. Two Fong Bros bikes – a before and after, as well as a shop Gentei bike with very Japanese styling. Also, check out Michelle Smith from American Thunder. One of those Wiley Fong Bros has hypnotized her to the xs side. Don’t forget to find the Fong Bros and many other great articles in Lowside magazine. and check out the amazing Shop Gentei at

noid bikeshow2 587x327 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

noid bikeshow5 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS

Denis- “I was racing Microsprints at Airport speedway in Delaware for a few years, but hven’t done it in a while. I am actually selling that Sprint on Ebay right now.”
IMG 3053 587x391 Fong Bros cream XSSSSSSS
Fong Bros

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  1. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Reeb, I sent a reply. Hope you got it.

  2. chevy53 says:

    sweet bike, crazy bars and clutch lever.

  3. Comuncents says:

    This bike is going to be a lot of inspriation for the one i am building, It’s the best i have seen,gotta say i would have to have a front brake and a small fender on the back. great job!

  4. Capt_Zoom says:

    Can you tell me if the inverted clutch results in an easier pull. My wife is building a xs 650 chopper and we want to figure out a way to make the clutch pull a little easier for her. Seems like the inverted setup would allow the strongest fingers and parts of forearm to do the pulling rather than the weakest.

    Also, I searched ebay for the levers but haven’t found anything…any ideas where else I could find them?


  5. Bozi says:

    I saw that bike at the Tamonium show & met these 2 guys. I loved the bike, & picked their brains a bit since I was about to build my first XS, super nice, funny guys. I like me some Fong Bros.

    I wish they posted a picture of their card….I was dying later when I looked at it. These guys have a humorous take on things.

  6. Denis (FONGBROS) says:

    CAPT ZOOM, yes light soft pull from that lever. Also, Mikesxs sells a longer clutch arm that goes in the engine case on the worm gear and supposedly lightens the pull also.
    Also, look under “inverted lever” on ebay. They show up once in a while.

  7. Shawn Dennis says:

    really sleak look you got going there. i like the fliped clutch lever. it realy gives the bike a vintage look.

  8. Ryan says:

    Denis this bike is awesome! Is it a standard bore 650? Because of this bike I have purchased an 83 650. I am new to the 650 scene but I am really excited about building my bike. Do you have an email that I could reach you, I have several questions for you. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. James says:

    Denis- How do I contact you. I am interested in getting you to do some frame work for me or possibly finish off a project I have already started.


  10. xsblue says:

    original footrest brackets dont look kool dude

  11. Sean from boston says:

    I love the way this was hardtailed to keep the factory foot pegs and stock motor mounts it’s a bit bulkey but over all very clean it doesn’t leave that huge gap between the frame and rear wheel clean bike over all I love it.

  12. KingAcre says:

    Okay!… you laced the original rear hub/drum to a 21″ wheel.. where did you find spokes for that?

  13. norm younger says:

    Very nice. Awwsome tank and paint.

  14. Mike says:

    I am interested in a bike like this! Can anyone pass on my email address to Dennis? It is thanks!

  15. Chuck Jones says:

    there are too many good things to say about this bike, I love it.

  16. tom says:

    beautifull lookin bike, love the front end. any info on how to go about shortening the forks and lacing up a 21 to the stock hub would be great

  17. Pete says:

    The cream bike is now sitting on the floor of Island Surf and Sport Middletown RI.

  18. it is impossible for general person.

  19. Boon UK says:

    white hot, nice details sitting pretty and proud 62 will pull a crowd. Lots of work to get it right and man did you get it right. Loving the stance.