You may remember the post we did a few months back on Tono’s xs650. This here’s another sick and insanely cool xs650 from Japan’s motoshop-tonouchi. More pics on the MOTOSHOP TONOUCHI blog. I’m really digging how leaving the foot controls/cross members in place take up the empty space that is more typical of a xs chop. just did a post on motoshop-tonouchi to. “There’s a definite Japanese ‘look’ when it comes to Harley customs, but this one’s a little different. The XL-engined machine is a new release from Motoshop Tonouchi

There is also a xs650-yamaha posted up on as well..  Good stuff…


  1. tadd442 says:

    Are those blinker switches readily available in the states, or they a Japan thing?

  2. Brian says:

    WOW, sweet bike. very nice attention to details

  3. bikerfreedom says:

    This is a beautiful bike. I love the wheels vintage look. The attention to detail is outstanding.

  4. Idaho Chad says:

    man I love motoshop’s stuff. damn thing looks so good, it looks factory!!!! im really diggin the rear wheel and them white pegs/grips..nice!!!

  5. Pretty overwelmingly beautiful…- I would have said something long before…- but I had an unclear feeling, – Am I talking to someone in Japan???……Tonouchi???….What?????- Yamahas in Japan????..
    And anyway- all I could say was “BEAUTIFUL MOTORCYCLE”…
    Like…..- Duh……….

  6. sean from boston says:

    this bike is great. love the way the hard tail was done!

  7. greg says:

    is that your hard tail on the black heritage special bike, or did someone else make it? do you know where i could get one that uses the stock foot pegs locations and stuff.

  8. Robert Goodson says:

    This is got to be the sweatest looking Yamaha I have ever seen. I wish I knew mor about the bike. Like more on the frame and like the tripletree. The tank and just a lot more on it. I realy like it.