Justin’s road to chopper glory

Justin’s road to chopper gloryxs650 chop bike pictures 009 587x391

Time to start chopping

Justin’s road to chopper glory all started out within the package of a bone stock 1979 xs650. For about a year or so, he rode the beast in stock configuration whilst planning its demise/rebirth. With a pile of parts and a good idea of what he wanted to build, it was time to start chopping.

The bike was completely disassembled, to begin trimming the fat. Extra tabs and bracketry fell victim to a variety of cutting tools. A hardtail from G&L choppers had been welded on, along with the newly fabbed neck gussets, battery box, and assorted mounts. A multitude of parts began to find their place within his vision. Aaron at Vanguard Cycle whipped up a set of 2” under forks, some nicely shaved legs, and his signature 21” mini drum.

Justin’s road to chopper gloryxs650 chop bike pictures 014 587x391

Any ordinary bars just wouldn’t do the front end justice, so a set was commissioned from Craig at Front Street Cycle. Rounding out the parts rodeo was a shallow tunneled Wassell, cheapo seat snatched from E-bay, stock front fender repurposed to the rear, and a mag wheel for some extra class.

Justin’s road to chopper gloryxs650 chop bike pictures 001

With the fab work done, it was time to move on to some color. Justin’s father played a huge role in this bike’s completion. Armed with some rattle cans, and a crap ton of talent, he sprayed every part on this build including the far out lace job you see on the frisco tank. How rad is that?

Justin’s road to chopper gloryxs650 chop bike pictures 016

Justin’s road to chopper gloryxs650 chop bike pictures 017

Just like most builds, the bike is never truly finished. Plans are already in the works for some new pipes and a possible jockey shift setup. With that said, THANKS go out to all that have helped in the process, especially Justin’s Dad.

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  1. Justin says:

    Brian its a 4 inch stretch with a slight drop seat.

  2. Justin says:

    For anybody interested Im putting together a build thread and tutuorial for the paint, I’ll post a link when its up

  3. Idaho chad says:

    so fuckin excited about your ride!!!!!!!!

  4. Broman says:

    Man I wish they had a built in build sheet for you builders. You people never answer all the good questions, LOL.

    SO many good ideas and this bike inspires me to get out in the garage!!! Thanks for the new wallpaper. HAhahhaha.


  5. Hoeyuno! says:

    nice bike!! Is that a BC licence plate I see to. Im in Vancouver i’ll be keeping a eye out for your machine.

  6. shane says:

    Hey, im from Vancouver BC and would love to see this bike in person, im thinking about doing a xs…

  7. Kevin says:

    That looks like Burnaby

  8. shane says:

    Sure does…I would love to have a chat with you justin I just bought a xs and am planning on building a bike just like yours, I’m a stainless steel fabricator so maybe I can help you out a bit a well.


  9. Justin says:

    Haha yeah its Burnaby, good eye!!

  10. reynoldburton says:

    Burn aby burn ! ;)

    Nice machine for sure. You & your dad did a great job!

  11. Gofannon says:

    My favorite bike on here. Not overdone yet not all gross and ratty.

  12. Justin says:

    Hey thanks guys for all the comments I appreciate it! So I stripped the bike back down to the frame over the last couple months and I’m fixing up all the little things that were bugging me and making a few little changes, sissy bar/new pipes and maybe a new seat?
    I’ll be posting the progress on my blog http://namenblood.blogspot.com/ if anybodys inerested, I’m putting the how-to for the lace job on there too

  13. andrew says:

    very nice stance. I love the ride height. I’ve been shopping for a very low stance. I’d appreciate it if you can give me details on the ride height and/or the specs on the frame/rear-end. thanks. and very nice bike!!!

  14. TotallyTwisted says:

    I LOVE the lace, man! I know that skulls and skeletons have been popular themes for chops and customs for decades….. so much so that I’m just absolutely want to hurl everytime I see yet another bike with a skull on it. Can’t anyone do something original these days? Why are there SO MANY copy cats? Many KUDOS to you for breaking THAT mold. The lace is cool, it has not been overdone like skulls have and it looks totally “OLD SCHOOL!”

  15. Justin says:

    I was really happy with the way the bike turned out last year and I got alot of positive feedback, so I did the obvious and took it all apart and changed everything, hahaha. Im digging the new version but its a completely different bike, I’ll post pics when its up and running. I still have the lace tank hanging on the wall, maybe my kid can use it on there first chop in twenty five years?

  16. Ryan says:

    Sick bike.
    What time is on the rear wheel?

  17. Ryan says:


  18. Spanky says:

    Are you still running these bars?! Ps where you from?!

  19. Taylor Hill says:

    Bike is SPOT ON!! where are those bars from?