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BHALL’S 79 xs650 TCU BBO leaf springer

xs650 chop noid IMG 2593 587x391 BHALL’S 79 xs650 TCU BBO leaf springer

79 xs650  TCU BBO leaf springer spit wassell tank i’m not sure what to call it yet bike?

So late 2009 I had a few spare parts laying around that gave me an idea. A beatup wassell tank that I got from my friend Scotty kinda started this whole bike in my head. I thought it would be cool to split in in half and run a back bone through it and then a couple months later I decided to enter in the tcu build off. which is a forum with a bunch of cool people that build awsome stuff. So around Dec  I called my friend MikeD from biltwell inc and told him what I was planning on doing and like always he hooked me up with a nice goodie box (Thanks Mike). And around the same time I talked my friend Dirty Jason (whom my daughter named ).. haha.. out of a 79 xs650 neck and engine.

xs650 chop noid IMG 2577 587x391 BHALL’S 79 xs650 TCU BBO leaf springer

the build off started Jan 1 so I started building my frame from scratch I have a few tools like a nice tig, lathe and a good tubing bender .. even the big tree in my back yard came in handy for bending those big arches on the frame. I got most of the frame done in about a week working late nights after my 9 to 5 and durring my 2 year old’s naps. Then I started on the forks my idea was to build a classic looking leaf only way narrower I didnt have any real plans or drawings except in my head.

xs650 chop noid IMG 2597 BHALL’S 79 xs650 TCU BBO leaf springer

My friend Greg (also in the tcu bbo) let me burn up a bunch of hours on his mill making my trees and a few odds for the forks. I built a jig for the forks and had them done in a few days. so in a month I pretty much had a good solid roller… then this build kinda stalled for a few months.. I got a new job a couple of new projects and the build went on the back burner until 3 weeks ago when i realized that the deadline for the build off was comming fast.. In the last 3 weeks my wife and kid have barley seen me.

xs650 chop noid IMG 2603 587x391 BHALL’S 79 xs650 TCU BBO leaf springer

xs650 chop noid IMG 2608 587x391 BHALL’S 79 xs650 TCU BBO leaf springer

I have been working and building all the small thing for the bike like controlls gas caps and bung ect.. seems like I built every single thing on this bike from scratch. well not everything but alot of it..so just in time for the deadline here it is…anyway there is a whole thread on thechopperunderground.com along with a bunch of nice other bikes (not all xs650′s) to look at. I think voting is gonna open soon so go there and vote for your favorite one.

Here is a link to the build off and here is a link to my build thread on the thechopperunderground.com. Also some build pictures and some of the stuff i have been doing on my blog… www.kstreetgarage.blogspot.com if you want to check it out also.. I am about to have a few bolt on xs650 narrow springers done and up for sale.

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  1. blackchop says:

    one of my all time favorites.
    i have nothing but all positive to say bout this bike.

  2. Traversable says:


  3. Bryan Hall says:

    I need a name for this bike anyone have any ideas???

  4. Buddy_Lu$t says:

    Awesome! I’m quite sure that you would change some things if you were to build this bike all over again… So, with that being said… How much would you sell this one for? Or, how much would you charge to have an identical one built? Thank you for your time, Mr. B. Hall.

  5. Buddy_Lu$t says:

    Name… Hmm… “Mr. Mac_Dink”.

  6. CHAD says:

    You nailed it !!!

  7. Dead Ed says:

    I need to start saving for one of those XS650 BHALL NARROW springers!!

  8. Lefty says:

    What did you use for a triple tree offset? It looks like they are slightly ahead of your neckpin. And do the points where your rear tube sections pass through the trees run a straight line with your axle?

  9. KING ACRE says:



  10. Don russ says:

    nice bike!

  11. brett says:

    maaaaaaaaan that is one bad ass bar hoppin slut magnet, nice build.

  12. Broman says:

    Nifty bike dude. I am not sold on the bars and the tier choice but then again it’s not my bike. The frame and tank execution is totally wicked, and I would not change them a bit. Love this bike and would ride the knobbies off it!!!


  13. Bryan Hall says:

    I put these dirt tires to good use… pics coming soon to dice magazine..

  14. Bryan Hall says:

    Oh and Buddy_lu$t I would probably let this one go for around 5k but it would still be hard for me to let it go

  15. tim says:

    i agree with king acre, black ball sounds good, pretty impressive

  16. Michael says:

    I love those forks and the overall look of the frame. I really dig all the curves and bends. You definitely have some talent going for you there. Hope to see more of it!

  17. rockin' ron says:

    Love the design and balance. The leaf springer is very cool and I would buy one from you if you figure out how to get the “springer” into it.

  18. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    What is there not like about this build. Anybody?

  19. Fabbastard says:

    Great freekin job man! Do you still build those front ends and what kind of filters on the carbs? Very slick…..

  20. Traversable says:

    Sweet Bike! Are you still building forks?

  21. El Gaucho says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on this bike, yet I’ve had this page saved to my favorites for the last year. Awesome build. This is the bike that made me want to build a leafer. Still haven’t done it though…..

  22. Jon Reiland says:

    I love the tank and back bone design.. Perfect!

  23. Shane Ryans says:

    Can’t get over the back bone design that really is nice looking.

  24. Bryan Hall says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words… my bike made it in dice magazine issue 39 check it out.. I’m pretty excited about it.

  25. Andi says:

    Nice ride….

  26. Visimpact says:

    This is one of the best xs 650s ever built. I love ur bike you deserve that dice spread. Congrats man. Keep up the killer work

  27. Dime_Crusher says:

    ???…Leaf spring out on the market yet??? Love the design! kingacre@gmail if you wanna talk bizz off the record!

  28. Andi says:

    Just love it… Great job…

  29. M.Peters says:

    That’s a killer XS.. wow

  30. Chuck Jones says:

    I love bikes like this. Killer build.

  31. burnin-it says:

    Dude any update on this bike? followed it on TCU and loved it. I keep my eyes peeled every time i ride through SAC. Best looking xs i’ve seen in a while and its not blinged out at all!

  32. mike lytle says:

    this build is truely worth a look!!!!!!!!!!……a very ,very nice build…..

  33. stanley says:

    i want your bars

  34. Boon uk says:

    Smokin scooter ! come to think about it not a bad name, didya see what I did, leaf- smoke no? Ok I`ll shut up. How about Zebedee as in the magic roundabout, I liked Dylan the Rabbit he was my favourite, Christ I`m hungry, I`ve got to stop smoking this stuff. Boyning time for bed.