xs650 frisco-style chopper for sale

xs650 frisco style chopper for salenoid matt xs650 frisco chop 587x440

Trent Reker- My friend Matt’s truck broke down on him for good and to stay in business he is being forced to sell his garage-built Frisco-style XS650 chopper. Matt has really been a good friend in helping me finish up the Freedom or Death Machine. He spent many hot hours welding and straightening up the bike after she arrived and I owe him.

xs650 frisco style chopper for salenoid matt frisco chop1 587x440
If you are interested in either helping him get a cheap and reliable work truck/van or buying the bike he built with his own hands, call him at 512.785.0484. He and the bike are in Austin, TX.

xs650 frisco style chopper for salenoid matt frisco chop saddle

His bike is a 100% custom fabricated XS chopper with a clear Texas title and current tags. It’s a daily runner that recently completed the 1000-mile Pancho Run at the end of June.  Some of the custom work includes:

  • +  Harley kicker arm and pedal
  • +  Hand-tooled leather seat
  • +  Hardtail welded on
  • +  Old school head lamp
  • +  Fake oil bag (electrical box)
  • +  Biltwell Frisco bars
  • +  Frisco’d gas tank
  • +  Rebuilt top end on motor
  • +  Mikuni VM 34 round slide carbs with K & N pod filters
  • +  Custom forward controls
  • +  Avon Venom tires front and rear

If you want to customize anything more on it Matt will give you a discounted price on any fabrication.

Matt is looking to sell his machine for $4.5k. That’s a great price for a rideable and reliable XS chopper. Help a brother out, guys. Thanks.

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  1. sean from boston says:

    well I wish I had the money that bike looks GREAT!

  2. Tebo says:

    I wish you much luck, bro’. For 4-1/2 somebody ought to trade you a solid work truck (wish I could Italicise) and a donor bike. Kharma’s gotta happen somehow. I dig the deep socket for a brake pedal. Your warrior bike totally rocks!

  3. anthony says:

    Is that an elswick oil bag? Or one off

  4. Christian says:

    Man.. I love that seat

  5. norm younger says:

    Awesome bike. Great bars and seat.