Boardchop By R.T. Choppers

xs650 chop DSC00003 587x311 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Mix between race and chop – from Holland.

Rik = How it drive’s: Steers like a razor knife, engine is doing the job very good. After 50 miles you need a cup of coffee to relax your bud. Time to build: 1.5 year, I take it easy to collect the right spares, and think of the right ideas to build it.

xs650 chop DSC00001 587x379 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

xs650 chop DSC00006 587x355 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Engine: Overhauled by my self completely with help from.. ( the parts I needed. New big cylinder kit 650 cc xs performance. Boyer ignition. New dynamo 100amps. Carbs Keihin pwk 32 mm rebuild for 4-stroke engines (kit from Heyden tuning) Etc, etc.

xs650 chop DSC00019 587x440 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

xs650 chop noid DSC000201 587x394 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Wheel Drummers and rim’s: Suzuki double leading shoe in the front, fender rear from an road star front fender completely rebuild. Front: double leading shoe from Suzuki with speed holes. Rear: original xs with speed holes. Both spokes in an 16 inch alloy rim. Tyres; Shinco 5.00×16.

xs650 chop DSC00007 587x271 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

xs650 chop DSC00020 587x440 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Tank: Sportster completely rebuild, gas cap comes from a jerrycan, smoothed. Tank is coming from a Harley Sportster, only the shell is original i made the tunnel by my self .

xs650 chop DSC00015 587x440 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

xs650 chop noid DSC00024 587x383 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Saddle: Hammered by my self with old leather finish from a saddle bag connected with copper nails.

xs650 chop DSC00004 587x328 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Handlebars and front: Clippons with leavers from Oldinglish bike. Tripple tree shaved, suspension lowered.

xs650 chop DSC00012 587x440 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Build by my self: Everything…………. Wheels I let spoken, and frame is a Zodiac with a little restyle by my self.

xs650 chop DSC00022 587x440 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

Paint job: In the garage, after sanding and polishing.

xs650 chop DSC00021 587x440 Boardchop By  R.T. Choppers

I hope that it is enough information an the pics must be good I think. I take the foto’s with an oldskool camera.

See yah, Greets….Rik…. from Holland.

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  1. rt choppers says:

    Tripple tree is from xv 750 completely shaved, you can also do it with your xs triples.

  2. David says:

    Are xv 750 trees wider than stock xs 650? I want to use 500×16 tire also. Your bike change my whole build ideas!!

  3. reynoldburton says:

    The more I look at it the more I like it – man that´s a nice machine for sure. Probably one of the best looking hardtails i.m.o.

  4. Barney says:

    RT, how much for an alternator cover???

  5. Chris says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful job! You have some excellent lines on your bike, I hope my bike turns out as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Newman says:

    YES! A Truly Majestic Beast!! I’m also very,very interested in the wide triple tree set up?????Please more Info! Such a Killer Bike!

  7. shane says:

    I am a fan i like the race look to it

  8. fanoboss says:

    I would love to see a boardtrack race…

  9. James Davis says:

    Wow, Beautiful Bike, you really thought out every detail, I love how you did the seat. The lines of the bike are great, this is my dream bike, I have ENVY!!! Great job.

    James Davis

  10. Ian Matthew says:

    Just brilliant!! Every thing just looks right on it, a work of art.

  11. rt choppers says:


    you can see the bike LIVE on BIGTWIN BIKESHOW in Rosmalen.
    4-5-6 -November.
    XSee you there fans…. thank you for all the complimentxs.

  12. Vito says:

    What to say… so many good details! Everything fits good togheter, brilliant.

  13. Taylor says:

    Love it!
    Can you shed some light onto how you did your front wheel… XS1 front drum brake to what kind of rim?

  14. Taylor says:

    scratch that last comment…. still love it though!

  15. Geezerman says:

    Not much left to say.
    This bike is gorgeous !!!!!!
    Nice work.

  16. Tom says:

    Maybe the best build from XS that I’ve ever seen, this bike rocks!!! Go on buddy!! Greetings from Czech

  17. hooversama says:

    AWESOME!!!! Every detail……..Brilliant!

  18. Chuck Jones says:

    Great bike. really fresh looking.

  19. Antony says:

    great build…looks clean and its hard to pull off a red bobber…well done…. what crank covers are those?i like the no logo’s look….

  20. Eric S. says:

    Is there somewhere larger images are available? That is one truly handsome machine– I want to pin up some prints in the garage for inspiration.

  21. Chuck Jones says:

    I like this build a lot. And nice red paint always catches my eye.

  22. Lee says:

    Who built this bike? I’m seriously thinking of getting one of those bikes built for me and this guy seems very talented to me! I’d appreciate getting an email or website so I could get in touch.
    Thanx a lot

  23. Joram says:

    Heb je weer mooi gefixt Rik, stukje vakmanschap!!!!
    Hoorde dat je ook een prijs gewonnen hebt, gefeliciteerd.

  24. weed says:

    saw him in real life but looks great.
    And stood in the field of winners

    Dus gefeliciteerd

  25. Yes!!!!!
    Rik’s boardchop took third place last week at the Bigtwin Show in Rosmalen!
    Saw it live and was my favourite, also my girlfriend’s favourite and you know she must have good taste….
    The bright red paint was really awsome. You deserve the price Rik !!!

  26. turdherder says:

    In my mind one of the top three bikes I’ve ever seen listed on this site, and I’ve looked at hundreds. I’d be proud to park my ass on it. GREAT JOB!

  27. BUSTER says:

    I cant believe how cute it looks !!

  28. Hans says:

    I want to say thanks to Rik because today his bike is became mine bike and i am very very happy with it you can imagine.

  29. McLeod says:


  30. Mike Garrett says:

    The Zodiac frame ,,, what frame is it ,,,, there are alot of frames in this catalog,,, I have been wanting to set my motor on a betteer frame then what I have available,,, and I think you nailed it!!!!!

  31. Usp222 says:

    Very cool bike. What is the hardtail you have on there stretch and drop? Its fits this bike better than I could imagine it. I would love to get a similar one.

  32. Uncle Bear says:


  33. Wim versteegh says:

    Hoi Rick,

    wat een vette bike man. ik denk dat ik hem nu al zoon 1000 keer heb bekeken.
    zelf ben ik een leek, maar wel bezig met een xs650 te bouwen hardtail dropseat.
    en net al jij wil ik hem laag houden.

    het is echt een enorme inspiratie om jouw bike te zien.