Ridin durty part 2


Bob Millerleile – A while back i posted some progress pics.

Well here it is after having minor problems but with the help from my friends steve luckett and joe cupp, shes back on the road and man i dont want to park it for winter soon. Ideas for paint are still up in the air so im up for whatever good ideas come across for this being my first full build only being 22 years old having a machining background.


Future plans are to put a 23″ wheel and spool hub on it. Maybe purchase some skinny mullins clamps to.



I love tinkering with these alot,  sad winters coming –  im excited to cause i got a few more xs projects under way.


  1. mike lytle says:

    say hello to my little friend!!! nice job, thanks for sharing

  2. norm younger says:

    nice job.

  3. fanoboss says:

    Mids look uncomfortable and yet the hardtail doesn’t, LOL. The bars look better in the upright. Shaving a inch off the forks would look great. Cool bike !

  4. larryreid says:

    Looks pretty gay to me.

  5. scott h says:

    good lookin! just enough rat in it.

  6. Doodlebob says:

    Anything else you want to pick apart…

  7. fanoboss says:

    Sorry, meds haven’t kicked in yet… I dig it Bob. I was only speaking of my fat ass riding it, LOL

  8. Dennis says:

    nice looking scoot, Bob. I really dig the exhaust pipes, did you make them yourself? I do agree with fano about the upright bars. A left-side pic would be nice, and some closeups of the controls – might be a setup others would like to emulate. I’d also like to see that kickstand. not too often we see someone riding the bike; how tall are you? do you find that riding position comfortable? good job.

  9. Dennis says:

    PS: that diner pic is making me hongry!

  10. Doodlebob says:

    It’s got a really nice geometry looking at it perpendicular but I’m about 5’10” and yes is very comfortable to ride. And the handling is perfect to me . As for the pipes I fabbed them myself off the stck flanges

  11. Bykerbrad says:

    Joe Cupp as in Section 8 Joe Cupp?

  12. Doodlebob says:

    Yea you know him?

  13. Doodlebob says:

    He helped me do the wiring and figure some firing issues out. He built one the same time I did mine. Cool dude we definitely learned alot doing these bikes

  14. Bykerbrad says:

    Not personally, just know of him, the skatepark, and the camp three guys. I used to ride bmx. I’m in Pittsburgh. I take it you’re from the yo as well?

  15. Doodlebob says:

    Nice ya I’m by that scetchy hood lol

  16. Barney says:

    Did you get rid of the velocity stacks?

  17. johnnyxs says:

    Beautiful bike man keep it dirty! how far out is that hardtail? is that a 21″ front?

  18. Doodlebob says:

    I didnt put them on because I got new mukini vm carbs but it can use them just need to make an adapter for the diameter differences. As for the hardtail it’s a lowbrow +4 ext and a 4 inch drop yes that’s a Harley 21″

  19. victorh360 says:

    Trying to figure out what tires you are using on it. Beautiful build, it just looks mean.

  20. larryreid says:

    You’re still a big stupid dummy. Should’ve bought a zx14 like a real big dog.

  21. fanoboss says:

    @ larryreid , if it “looks gay” and he is “still a big stupid dummy”, why come back and be creepy ? Why don’t you find a real cool zx14 sight and be “like a real big dog” …? ffs

  22. larryreid says:

    Why you so mad you silly goose? You said you hated his bike and his mom too.

  23. Doodlebob says:

    Oh man lol.well the tires are made by duro not sure the model tho

  24. fanoboss says:


  25. larryreid says:

    Ha u mad!

  26. The real Larry Reid says:

    Do not believe this imposter by the name Larry Reid! He is a big fart face and I am the real Larry Reid. I love bobs bike so much that I want to put my bare bottom on it and wiggle around!

  27. Jeffrey bucher says:

    Doodlebob. Get a real bike, a cbr blackbird. I ride mine fast enough that I can poop your pants!

  28. barry dingle says:

    I’ve heard alot of great things about that steve luckett dude. You were blessed to have help from him and you should beg him for more.

  29. larryreid says:

    The real Larry Reid is a stupid face liar. I’m gonna punch that cotton headed ninny muggins square in the dickpiece!!!

  30. Doodlebob says:


  31. fanoboss says:

    seek medical attention

  32. larryreid says:

    I did Mr. Boss and they said let my feelings out in a public forum. So I am and my feelings are that you’re a total dick.

  33. fanoboss says:

    not public…PUBIC…..solo seat , solo….ewww

  34. theREALfanoboss says:

    Who is this poser using my name to spread hatred and lies??? I’ll have you know the fanoboss name has been in my family for generations! And I will not sick back and let some poop dick Nancy boy ruin it! I HATE YOU!!!!!

  35. fanoboss says:

    dude, go make some money or sumpin’…

  36. theREALfanoboss says:


  37. TheMagicMan says:

    You just dissed my bro’s bike……now you’re about to get tazered!!

  38. doodlebobsSuperfan says:

    I love you doodle Bob.

  39. The real Larry Reid says:

    Steev Lucket is a great motorcycle builder, a maste mechanic and an excelent lover. He has a warm soul and a heart of gold! Steev if you’re out there and are reading this, I love you!

  40. Dennis says:

    man, did this thread get jackhied.

  41. the REAL real Larry Reid says:

    This Guy above me is a liar!

  42. Barney says:

    Sounds like there are a lot of projects being neglected…

  43. fanoboss says:

    …and I said exactly what I meant, SUMPIN’ . I’m not mad, I don’t get mad especially with internet tuff guy loser posers, not name calling anyone, just speaking in general. LOL

  44. Random Observer says:

    I dunno man. You seem pretty mad to me. Sweet bike tho Doodle Bob!

  45. The Real Larry Reid happily rimjobs fanoboss says:

    Never go swimming with a guy named Bob. Or Duncan.

  46. MadFanoboss says:

    This bike makes me so mad!!!!!!! I love you Bob.

  47. mike lytle says:

    Fanoboss………., arm yourself with a turdgun……………the loonies are coming out of the wood piles. must be a full moon????????

  48. kc1213 says:

    I’m a lurker, and I absolutely love XS bobbers. I’m a new rider and didn’t know when I purchased my bike that I should have gotten an XS. Anyway, this bike has been an inspiration to what I’m doing with my bike.

    I’d say keep it raw, no paint. Looks really dope as is!!! Sick Exhaust!

  49. Doodle bob says:

    Thanks. The pipes I fabbed myself after buying a bunch of universal bends thru speedway motors.

  50. Dennis says:

    Bob, are those pipes 1.75″?

  51. Doodle bob says:

    Yes 1-3/4 pipe from speedway motors

  52. john abram says:

    cool as dude, always great to see someone ridin an smilin.

  53. fanoboss still sucks says:

    A year later. A year gayer.

  54. Barfkoswil says:

    I think your all w*nkers.