Ridin durty part 2

xs650 chop noid 299285 2212496126286 1664014058 2218622 2137496812 n 587x237 Ridin durty part 2

Bob Millerleile – A while back i posted some progress pics.

Well here it is after having minor problems but with the help from my friends steve luckett and joe cupp, shes back on the road and man i dont want to park it for winter soon. Ideas for paint are still up in the air so im up for whatever good ideas come across for this being my first full build only being 22 years old having a machining background.

xs650 chop noid 285477 2135995573820 1664014058 2125420 1689145 n 587x438 Ridin durty part 2

Future plans are to put a 23″ wheel and spool hub on it. Maybe purchase some skinny mullins clamps to.

xs650 chop noid 227140 1894038645048 1664014058 1866247 3360772 n 587x440 Ridin durty part 2

xs650 chop noid 223598 2122692401249 1664014058 2107365 1094372 n 587x390 Ridin durty part 2

I love tinkering with these alot,  sad winters coming -  im excited to cause i got a few more xs projects under way.

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  1. the REAL real Larry Reid says:

    This Guy above me is a liar!

  2. Barney says:

    Sounds like there are a lot of projects being neglected…

  3. fanoboss says:

    …and I said exactly what I meant, SUMPIN’ . I’m not mad, I don’t get mad especially with internet tuff guy loser posers, not name calling anyone, just speaking in general. LOL

  4. Random Observer says:

    I dunno man. You seem pretty mad to me. Sweet bike tho Doodle Bob!

  5. The Real Larry Reid happily rimjobs fanoboss says:

    Never go swimming with a guy named Bob. Or Duncan.

  6. MadFanoboss says:

    This bike makes me so mad!!!!!!! I love you Bob.

  7. mike lytle says:

    Fanoboss………., arm yourself with a turdgun……………the loonies are coming out of the wood piles. must be a full moon????????

  8. kc1213 says:

    I’m a lurker, and I absolutely love XS bobbers. I’m a new rider and didn’t know when I purchased my bike that I should have gotten an XS. Anyway, this bike has been an inspiration to what I’m doing with my bike.

    I’d say keep it raw, no paint. Looks really dope as is!!! Sick Exhaust!

  9. Doodle bob says:

    Thanks. The pipes I fabbed myself after buying a bunch of universal bends thru speedway motors.

  10. Dennis says:

    Bob, are those pipes 1.75″?

  11. Doodle bob says:

    Yes 1-3/4 pipe from speedway motors

  12. john abram says:

    cool as dude, always great to see someone ridin an smilin.

  13. fanoboss still sucks says:

    A year later. A year gayer.

  14. Barfkoswil says:

    I think your all w*nkers.