Finally done (for now)

xs650 chop noid xs2 587x324  Finally done (for now)

Christian – Well here is my xs that I have been working on since august of 2010. I picked her up in Bakersfield, Ca for $400. It was already stripped down and the guy who owned it was in process of “re-wiring” it. As soon as i got it home I started cutting off all the tabs shaving off the unnecessary stuff and then it just sat there for about 2 months until I decided where I wanted to get the hardtail from.

xs650 chop noid xs3 587x440  Finally done (for now)

I decided to drive 3hrs to drop it off with Robert Elswick down in Lancaster, Ca so he can Tig weld a custom 2inch stretched hardtail. I was amazed at the craftsmanship that went into his work.

Then after I stared at it for ever and kept switching between all kinds of rim, handlebar, and tank combinations this is what I ended up with.

xs650 chop noid xs1 587x526  Finally done (for now)

The stuff I made myself were the handlebars (from stock bars welded to some clamps), footpeg mounts, exhaust (pandemoniums kit), repurposed front fender for rear fender, shaved up the top triple, and made the seat myself, upgraded to points and switched over to the permanent magnet thanks to hughshandbuilt. I painted it Gunmetal gray out of spray cans from autozone, and clearcoated it with spray max cans also.

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  1. Christian says:

    Rj… Thanks for the comment. The bike does actually have a front disc brake, its just that I was getting annoyed trying to put the front wheel on there with the disk on so I took it off real quick just so I could put it together. These pics were from the first day I put it together and I was so excited to hurry up and take pics of it, but ya I tried not running with the front brake before I painted it and it sucked ass, especially when ur riding in country roads with people who do have a front brake.

  2. craig says:

    Is this bike for sale? Nice work..let me know..

  3. Kevin says:

    I’ve seen every bike on this website and this is my favorite, do you have any pics of the process of this build? Where did you get the rims and tires and what size are they? Also, where did you end up buying the hardtail from and headlight? Last question, where did you get the rear fendor and gas tank from? I just purchased a 78 650 special and want to make a bobber out of it, I’d like mine to be similar, do you care if there is a 3G? Just kidding I have some other ideas but this is a good model. Thanks for posting.