My 1980 XS650 Bobber-So Far


This is how my build looks so far, I keep changing things but i think I have just right now,  Let me know what you think-




Tony Clewley



  1. davethewrench says:

    Right On !! I like the Z Bars and the Beefy Old School rear tire
    Looks like it is coming along just fine
    keep up the Good Work !!!

  2. Barney says:

    What happened to the tank? What’s the bungee for? The bike has a really raw look to it, i dig it.

  3. leebo says:

    I believe that is a structural bungy, like the look. who’s hardtail and whats the stretch and drop?

  4. Pills and Women says:

    The tank sitting high on the backbone says “Fuck the Establishment.” Rock on!

  5. fanoboss says:

    I’m diggin’ the flamed tank w/gold it’s very hip in a crappy way, i’m sure that the tank was off of a previous build. Have you got color scheme for it already ? May I suggest Gloss Black w/Flat Black ghost flames? It’d look awesome if the flames were level with ground and not tilted as they are now. I’m not really into flames, skulls, iron crosses, tribal pin-stripe it’s been done to death. You have some excellent lines between the frame forks and bars.Builders have really done some great work as of late and this build is a good example of that, you should be proud.

  6. fabbastard says:

    Ya loving the bare bones of it, but the paint (IMHO) on the tank has to go! I also agree w Fanoboss that some paint schemes are just done to death. I’ve been doing custom paint for too long and there are two thing s I just won’t do 1)oldskool flames like on your tank and eagles (done to death and no imagination) Black on black is cool as long as it has character cause nothing says custom like paint ( even if ya do it yourself with rattle cans). Nice job so far dude!

  7. toe. says:

    love the general look…
    just one thing…. is the seat actually sitting on the rear tire?

  8. Tony Clewley says:

    Thanks guys for all the comments. The Z bars are off an old Triumph chopper out of the 70’s. not sure of the brand. And that beautiful bungy cord is just keeping the rear wheel from sliding back for now–sorry. Im think im going to paint the wheels flat black and the frame gloss black and the tank and fender and my homade oil/elec. tank -that used to be my old fire extinguiser- a deep heavy flake green with some gold or silver leaf somewhere. I apprecieate all the comments,good or bad, There is nobody around up here in Maine that enjoys these bikes like I do. So thanks guys. I will post more pictures as I go—–Tony

  9. Tony Clewley says:

    Oh, and yes the seats just sitting there, I,m trying to find the fender I like before I mount all that.

  10. fanoboss says:

    Thanks bro’ Fab : )>