1976 XS650

Ric – This is my 76 XS650.  Matching numbers and mostly stock.  I’ve done everything I can to resist cutting this one up but a little powder coating to make her look good never hurts.  Thought you might post her just to remind people these bikes looked pretty sweet back in the day.

Ric Rudler


  1. El Gaucho says:

    How much, lol. Untouched standards are getting real hard to find. And yours technically isn’t untouched, but at least it’s not hacked to bits.

  2. GaryC says:

    Nice job with the powder coating. Keep it stock. There are plenty of ’80 Specials out there to modify.

  3. mookie says:

    sometime less is more.
    less red that is! clash city.

  4. motoman47250 says:

    The bike looks great I like stock

  5. pickles says:

    Looks good, but chopped or cafe looks better.

  6. E. Coli says:

    Nice rims.

  7. The paint coverage is well done, front forks with paint is very tasteful. Stock style, I see the reasoning but ugly is ugly. You could get rid of the turn signals, use hand signals or hidden LEDs. We work mostly on Harley Junk ( I can’t help myself to refer to them that way) that stock OEM production motorcycles 1973- are forced to have all the safety items like turn signals and reflectors, YUCK. The bike would be that much cooler without. I watched the movie ” THE CAR” recently, an evil killing machine ( designed by Barris) that way uber cool until you notice it had OEM style turn signals. GREAT… ” I would have survived my encounter with the possessed vehicle if it where not for the distracting and deceptive left signal right turn run over my head diversion”. or ” Yeah ‘The Car ‘is all evil and runs over people and stuff but has great road edict, It signal intent! true or false, it’s EVIL,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Back to your bike, love to see restorations like this, shows respect for the design. I own a shop that is doing a 650. For some reason our submission to this site has yet to be posted. It is on our w/site chopperworks.ca under the rigid page.

  8. mookie says:

    you don’t chop up the nice original examples- feel lucky you came across it.find a rat bike to chop up.period.end of discussion.

  9. Mookie, eat a Snickers. Your point is taken but you seem a little angry. If the thought is to retain a motorcycle in a stock form, great. It may be best to keep it that way. “Feel lucky you came across it. End of discussion.” Really? The XS650 is unique and popular for its engine/driveline only. All major Japanese motorcycles of the period had a incredibly generic layout and styling seemed like an afterthought. When you see the wonderful work people are doing with the 650s, the passion, innovation and vision using any base to work with would be supported by me. I build and modify bikes and am bias towards altering stock so forgive the previous comment I posted Ric. and or Mookie

  10. mookie says:

    that’s fine- opinions are like…well, you know…
    i “Build”650’s also and the point was if someone is fortunate enough to come across a nice one don’t cut it up.
    can we move on now?

  11. mickomalley says:

    Well well i dont know were u got your 650 but its not a xs650 1976 its a TX650 1973
    sorry to inform u that but i havr one the same and ive had it 39 years un less u had it painted blue

  12. mickomalley says:

    sorry mate i might have your biks roung u have it painted same has 1973 ???

  13. ric says:

    No it’s never been painted. it’s a 76. you’re just a little confused

  14. CruzBoos says:

    If you found her in the original condition and brought her back from the 70’s then its all good. Respect for these women is what counts and even though she looks her age ( and great at that ) I bet that she still sends shivers up your spine every time she talks to you.
    I hope that she never bites you or cuts off her nose to spite her face. If that every happens I bet that she’ll be sent to the plastic surgeons for liposuction with a nip and tuck.

  15. chuck says:

    I wanna do bad things to your bike 🙂 Take someone’s pride and joy and f*%$k it all up haha

  16. Ric says:

    It’s for sale, I’ve already moved on.