Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3

Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3a2012 DSC 0025 b1 600x306

Richard and Lex – We bought this yamaha XS650se in bad condition, the motorcycle didn’t run for several years. So after a full tear down, the engine was given a full overhaull. The exhaust,seat and electric are LHC made.

Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3a2012 noid DSC 0006 600x398

Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3a2012 noid DSC00121b 600x398

We wanted to create a motorcycle that is simplistic and raw!! No mirrors,flaslights or other stuff just Kick and Ride!!

Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3a2012 noid DSC 0018b 600x398


  • Front Tyre – Heidenau K34
  • Rear Tyre – Avon Speedmaster
  • Seat – LHC 
  • Electric – LHC
  • Exhaust – LHC
  • Front/backlight – Bates/Texas
  • Engine – Full Restored 
  • Wheels / Frame powdercoated
Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3a2012 noid DSC0069b 600x398
For more information take a look at: lefthandcycles.blogspot.nl
Richard and Lex

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  1. GREG ELLIS says:


  2. Grumpy says:

    I agree with Greg Ellis! Not legal Down Under but a great no fuss or flashy bike! I like it………….

  3. Topspeed674 says:

    Nice and simple modifications, Nothing there to distract from the original goodness of the bike. Well done.

  4. dex82 says:

    nice and clean, like the clip-ons.

  5. pickles says:

    Clean! Everything looks really tight and it’s obvious this build was done with a clear vision.

  6. hankh says:

    Why can’t the bike be run legally in Australia? Because it does not have front fender?

  7. R J from the ole school says:

    looks so much like mine ,,,,I looked in the basement to see if it was still there,,,,love it,,,,wouldn’t change a thing,,,,especially like the black clip ons,,,,,,and the old style tires,,,,, if Austrailia wont allow it,,,come on down to Alabama,,, (down under Tennessee),,,we’ll take anyone who builds good bikes,,,nice ride

  8. Qball says:

    no front fender, rear fender too short, no mirrors, no indicators, no chain guard,
    That sort of stuff

  9. Mike Ryan says:

    Awesome Brat. Up here in Oregon lots of builds use more aggressive tread tires, little more Mad Max look, but none the less a beautiful bike!

  10. CruzBoos says:

    You see them everyday, babes rollin around enjoying life. Every now and again one comes by that makes you pucker and wish you could spend some time with her. She doesn’t need bells or whistles to get your attention and all she has to do is stand there with her frame and breathe. You’ll know its time to take her from behind when she gives you the “agouti look back”.