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1980 Ode To a Bratstyle

Tala – This is my first Yamaha XS650 build, I bought it in stock form, barely running trucked it home, cleaned the carbs (BS34s) changed the oil to some really thick
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The brat is done

Dan –  my first build. 1977 xs 650. It took 10 months and was nothing but fun!!!! Just took my time and it all worked out. I rewired it myself.
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Counterbalance Cycles Brat Build

Weston – After building a few of these bikes, as most of you know, you seem to end up collecting a multitude of parts that end up laying around the garage.
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Little twin by “Greaser Garage” xs650

Greazz – First thing i’m French so sorry for my bad english.  I buy this XS stock about one year ago with the engine rebuilt. All the parts atr home made
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Mike from Visual Impact – Heres some of the info on the new bike. It is by far the funnest bike I have ridden in a while. I think a lot of
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79 XS, my new love

Brian – Drove 350 miles to pick up this bike and it’s been so much fun building this bike. Still not done but I’m getting there, leave comments and let
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