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josh’s 650 project

1982 xs650 project bike.  more pics as build continues…


Skinny’s Brat (update)

The last time i post I had just started with this bike, I wanted to post a few more pics to show my progress. Since the last post I have
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xs650-chop-Mama Tried 5-2

American Rebel 6 – 1/2

Wade – I have always been into motorcycles but mostly dirt bikes until I found myself always wanting to go on rides with my in-laws, who both have Harleys. I
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I got the bike in a bunch of boxes. Michael- Heres my latest build. This one came to me pretty rough. I got the bike in a bunch of boxes.
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Skinny’s 79 brat

I bought this bike a lil over a month ago and have been cutting and rippin sh!t off since. This bike is bare bones, no speedo, tach, front brake, ripped
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Idaho Chad’s Brattrackerbobberwhatevers..

UPDATE; Idaho Chad’s Brattrackerbobberwhatevers.. Well here’s some finished pics…finally. Check my post from a long time ago for more details. Due to my tower slangin lifestyle, working on my machines
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