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Joe Wilson – My fun bike

Joe – I wanted a bike I could knock around town in and have fun with .Built this for less than 800 bucks . I am going to keep doing
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First but not last XS brat

Paul hocroft – 1975 original except for two into ones (when brought) stripped frame down to last nut and bolt, the swing arm was seized solid needed a hacksaw to
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2nd corpse bike

corpse – In progress. made the hardtail, bars, chopped the springer (was 8″ over stock when i got it) seat fake oil bag fender etc. everything but the tank itself.

Matt Verdell – First build

Matt – I bought this bike off a craigslist 6 months ago for $450. The first thing i did was drop the frame off at tc bros for a hardtail
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SUPACHAI NANPAN – THAILAND XS650 CUSTOM – All parts handmade by me.

Black Cherry Bagger

Patrick – My love of XS’s all started when my uncle gave me a couple bikes and extra motor, this 79’ and an 81’ special (one of my upcoming builds).
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