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“The Bandit” – by: Vintage Customs

After my first XS650, “Norma Jean” I decided to deviate from the standard hardtail, fake oil-tank look and go with something that was simple and clean while still keeping the
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first one’s not even done

Write about your XS650.: I haven’t even finished with the first one and I started number 2. Going in a crazy direction cuz why not.

Double Motor Works

It seems like Japan is in the middle of a chopper renaissance.  There are so many talented Japanese cycle builders cranking out killer rides. Its crazy. I caught up with
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Baloney Sandwich

Bring your bike to Leadfist. No… this bike is not a bologna sandwich. it is a bike. and you cannot eat it… but bologna sandwiches are yummy, yes? this bike
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Reincarnation 1977XS

Cold Steel 2nd Phase xs 650 This is the 2nd. Phase of this bike. I was not totally satisfied with the 1st. Has a 3” extended swing arm with 10.5” progressive
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Harun’s first XS650 custom bike