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IMG_9751 2014

74 street tracker

Quinn – I bought three non running basket case xs650’s for $1050 ( a 72, 74 and 79). I had owned and ridden bikes for years but never did any of
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Xs650 Tracker – Counter Balance Cycles

Worked with a customer on this bike who became a friend.  Started with a 78 xs 650 that I had been planning on building.  He wanted his first bike and
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The Transformer

Imagine its 2043 and you live at the planet Cyberton. There is a war between Autobots and Deceptions. Involved in this war you have to chose between your caferacer or your
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Xs650 cafe tracker

Steve Baugrud- This started out as a 1981 xs650 special that I picked up for $150. Complete tear down was done and engine was rebuilt. Jugs, cases, and all engine parts
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Monster TrackFighter kit

Wanted to get some exposure on this kit to see what people think.  Here are some details: -Built in the u.s.a. -Replaces stock ugly rear section -cut three places on
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Left Hand Cycles LHC # 3

Richard and Lex – We bought this yamaha XS650se in bad condition, the motorcycle didn’t run for several years. So after a full tear down, the engine was given a full overhaull. The
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