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The Gorton 650 Comandgo SF (streetfekkker)

Gordon – Well inspired by the fact that i could still ride two wheels after building a trike from my old  MKV Moto Guzzi  ( My first Moto_bility vehicle) my
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Junk racing XS650 from JP

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StreetKORE Project: XS650 StreetRACER

A new project is in the works here in the StreetKORE Garage. I’ve run out of catchy names at the moment and I don’t want to put some obligatory classification
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This is my XS 750 FLAT TRACK race bike. The frame is a 73 SHELL race frame and it needed much TLC. The motor is also a 73 but with
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Super moto

YAMAHA 650 Yamaha 650 but now it’s a 750 after completely rebuilt the engine, big bore kit new crank bearings, con rods, cam chain, high flow oil pump, race clutch
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Mick- What i ended up with

Mick- I found myself with two trashed 650s, both 78′s..I thought of a street tracker then, cafe, then bobber, then brat. This is what i ended up with. everything has
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