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Mick- What i ended up with

Mick- I found myself with two trashed 650s, both 78’s..I thought of a street tracker then, cafe, then bobber, then brat. This is what i ended up with. everything has
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1975 XS650 Street Tracker

I bought this bike early this summer (2011) didn’t look much like this, I put blood, sweat and “Drool” into this bike and could not be happier to own this
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XS 650 tracker made in France by Max Power

Jérôme – Badass XS 650 tracker with brake for better cooling, and, again, different suppliers have been put to use: forward, Braking for the disc caliper and 320 mm at
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Matt Machine’s 1978 XS650 Street Tracker

Say a big hello to Mr Ayres and the newest member of his personal rolling stock; the Matt Machine 1975 XS650 Street Tracker. “I had been looking at all sorts
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from special to classic

Bought the bike as a somewhat customized Special. It’s a 1980 model. Couldn’t decide on street tracker och classic, but went for the latter. (more…)


Dutch Street Tracker

This is an update of this topic: Street Tracker, Work in Progress. (more…)