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XS650 Banshee Charging System Swap

Hack the xs650 yamaha charging system – The banshee alternator swap Ted- The xs650 charging system is the weak link in a otherwise bulletproof machine. I know a number of
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Cantilevered Mid controls for the XS650

Mid control conversion. There are a number of different foot peg configurations that work well. Most of the mid control conversion for the xs650 that I’ve seen involve bolting or
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Back from the dead (Suicide Ride)

Here is what I came up with for my suicide clutch. There seems to be a lot of questions as to how to set up a clutch linkage without a
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NEW xs 650 carburetor diaphragms

JBM Industries is making these Carburetor Diaphragms for Mikuni BS38, BS36, and BS34 CV constant velocity carburetors. This pair of Yamaha TX or xs 650 carburetor diaphragms fits Mikuni BS38
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sportie tank6

Chopping down a sportie tank making it a little cooler

Frisco style gas tank Here is where I started. I ran 3m blue fineline tape along the tank folowing the tunnel. I then ran a sharpie along the tape to
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Universal Powell

Bulletproof motorcycle chopper chain tensioner!

Monstercraftsman makes chain tensioners Jon @ Monstercraftsman’s makes chain tensioners to eliminate all chain whip, chain noise and vibration. I am happy to have him on board at xs650chopper as
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