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Do It Your Damn self Contest:

Update: Contest Winner Is > My Fieldset————————— Email : Name: Justin Title of your post: The Best (homemade) Bike Table Ever ————————— Justin has submitted a couple of his
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Bending tube the cheap way

So, lets see what we need Sand (I use play sand, its free if you go to a local playground, just make sure you don’t have a beard…) Baking dish
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regulator/rectifier combo with points wiring diagram

Write about your XS650.: I got tired of looking for a good diagram that wasn’t completely wrong….so i made one.  simple, easy to read and to the point.  hope it
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XS Your Brake Calipers…

The XS brake caliper inside and out. The XS caliper is a simple one piston design with a single inner seal and an outer seal that is referred to as
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xs650 charging system how-to

Brian Durk sent in this helpful video a couple weeks ago. I was waiting to post it until I had time to put together a wiring schematic I’ve been working
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THE PROPER WAY TO LOWER YOUR XS650 FORKS As of  late, I have been trying to gather pics and information to start some low buck garage tech tips. One of
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