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-7 2014

81 xs650 chopper

Mark Emr – This XS650 was the first bike I really dug into pretty hard. I have made a seat or swapped some bars on a few bikes but nothing like
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-3 2014

xs650 drop seat

John – my xs650 drop seat — right hand shift , single carb. (more…)

-3 2014

sour puss xs650

Benny Jett – It’s a 79 xs650 hard tailed with performance carbs.  Running it with just a rear brake. Has the deep wall spoked wheels with the inch lager rear
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-4 2014

lil Green Monster

Curt Black – When I picked up this bike it was all apart in boxes. Bits and pieces everywhere, the only thing that was done properly was the welded up
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-8 2014

Speed Racing XS650

Eric – This bike was built to ride fast and hard.  It’s got ample ground clearance for hopping curbs, slim profile, and a rephased fire breathing beast of a motor
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Fndirtygreaser’s 78′ XS6FILTHY

Fndirtygreaser’s 78′ XS6FILTHY – Trouble Loves Me Manny – Picked up the bike pretty much as a roller a few years back.  Didn’t know anything about the xs650. Had to
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