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Scottish Hardtail

1978 xs650se that started its life in Iowa USA, imported to Scotland in 1999. (more…)


Jimmy Salones 81

I thought I would send this in and get your opinions. It is an 81 XS that I built last winter. Nothing really special but it does turn heads. Not sure
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Chad’s 78 xs650 bobber

I bought my bike the way it is. Its been hardtail stretched. (more…)


200 Rear Drop Seat

After looking for a pre 75 model to avoid complying with the impossible Australian design regulations, I finally found half of a 74 frame with an elswick 6 inch stretch 4 inch
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Sledgehammer Therapy

I was going stir crazy and needed something to do while I was recouping from shoulder surgery. (more…)


Xs650 ’82 Bitsa

Just rebuilt. Done 900miles. So far so good. (more…)

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