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-04 2015

75 Aussie Chop

Lindsay foster – My chop build started as 4 boxes of parts, a frame n engine. The idea straight away was to build a 70s styled skinny chopper. I bought
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Hicks Boy Customs 1976 xs650C

1976 Yamaha xs650C • Custom 12 LAYER House of kolor Pavo purple ( Over $5000 paint Job) • Custom made drop seat hardtail with 5inch stretch and 130mm ride height
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-07 2015

Jason barratt XS650 bobber

Jason barratt – So this in my xs650 that i built for the australian ‘chopped rod and custom show’ 2015. The frame is an xs1 front with a tc bros
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-03 2015

Ramdeen Motie 1977xs 650

Ramdeen Motie – My xs 650 has gone through a rebore to over size with a rod and bearing change, it has rumbled through 150k miles. I have installed an RD350
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-06 2015

The Pothole Dodger

Jed prentiss- This is the second coming of my bike “Orange Happiness” posted here last year. The Pothole Dodger came about after a few thousand miles on the sprung Rich
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Johns xs650-01 2015

Johns xs650

It’s a 1981, with a 250 mm tire, and a built jack shaft to run this size tire. The frame is raked 8 degrees and molded. The paint is house
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