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-4 2014

lil Green Monster

Curt Black – When I picked up this bike it was all apart in boxes. Bits and pieces everywhere, the only thing that was done properly was the welded up
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-8 2014

Speed Racing XS650

Eric – This bike was built to ride fast and hard.  It’s got ample ground clearance for hopping curbs, slim profile, and a rephased fire breathing beast of a motor
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Fndirtygreaser’s 78′ XS6FILTHY

Fndirtygreaser’s 78′ XS6FILTHY – Trouble Loves Me Manny – Picked up the bike pretty much as a roller a few years back.  Didn’t know anything about the xs650. Had to
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77 XS / Triumphchop

77 XS in a 70 Triumph frame with a welded on hardtail. Had fun biulding it. now it’s time to let it go. (more…)

-2 2014

Beast of Burden

Nick – I started this build in the bowels of my basement, basically pointed it down my storm doors and heaved.  Worked on it for about a year and got
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-1 2014

Aaron 1980 XS650

Aaron – So i bought this bike from a fella in Austin TX. originally it was red. But the desire to customize it took over almost immediately. I haven’t gone
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