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brett allan mofo 1

Skinny Ass MoFo

I picked up this donor bike around 3 years ago and left it sitting in the garage for a year until I made up my mind what direction I was
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guenter xs650 1

xs 650 From Austria

Love to ride it!!!     (more…)

Jason xs650

Jason’s 82 XS Ratty Bike

Basically built over a few months in the winter.     (more…)

paul duffy xs650 silver

Duffy’s 1979 Raw Metal Regan

Got this bike all stock from my buddy who found it at a swap meet.   (more…)

Jake Stones 78 650 5

Stones 78 650

Spent the winter here in Ontario switching what used to be a cafe project 650 into what it is now.     (more…)

erwin xs650 2 father son

Chop It Up xs650

I was always into rockets until I ran into AJ Anderson who is now my brother in law.   (more…)