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Twisted Samurai

I used to have a Yamaha 650 back in 1974 always wanted to build it, but it was new and I wasn’t as sure of myself or my skills then.
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Long and Low xs 650

Stretched long and low.   (more…)


Rod’s tx/xs650 1973

This is a very special bike to me.   (more…)


Devils Advocate XS650

Daily ridden 84 xs650. Custom frame.   (more…)


FKKMOTOUSA’S Latest XS650 Build

This is our latest #garagebuilt xs650 build. Named after my late grandfather.   (more…)


Jeff’s 1980 xs650

12 years ago my Dad built this bike.  My mom was dying of cancer and told him to go get a hobby or something instead of watching her sleep.  
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