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Boneyard 75 XS650

I bought this stock from a friend that wanted to do the same thing. After sitting in my garage for a couple years,we struck a deal and it was mine.
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Project Resurrection XS 650

I’m Julian Hedin and I run custom motorcycle shop called White Trash Fabrication, or WTF for short. This is a customer bike I built. (more…)


Round Up

’75 Restoration   I bought this as a finished restoration back in 2013. (more…)


Shades of Grey

Two years and a lot of blood, sweat, money and tears. (more…)


Ima Madman’s 81 XS

Built this in my front yard, which makes it almost identical to a backyard build. The processes are very similar, but the atmosphere is a tad different. (more…)


Ever Evolving Rat

Purchased this “77” from a lad who had high hopes of becoming a bike builder like his old man. (more…)