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81 Undone daily

Vinny - Searched this one out in the depths of North Dakota.  My folks delivered it to me in Montana late fall.  Rolled it stock for a few weeks, majority of
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81′ Dropseat – Pain In The Ass

Adrian - So here is the bane of my existence and the love of my life. I got it already in non stock shape. I rode freestyle bmx bikes for about
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The spark that starts the fire.

James Tetzloff - This is a 1979 xs650. This is the bike that started my love for bikes. Broom stick handle bars, mini speedo, wrapped pipes are a few of the
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Stefan’s – ground up

Stefan - I build a new xs650 ground up chopper. last Winter. Fabbed the frame & Front end. Pipes. Bars. Sissy. Controls ext.

William Feil – xs650

William Feil - My Wife, Jess and I bought a bone stock 79 XS650SF ten months ago. We did all the work ourselves, except powder coating, in the garage on weekends
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3 years, 5 stitches. 1980 first build..

Jason Lukach - Picked her up 3 years ago after spending almost 20 years rotting away in a barn.  couldn’t be happier with the outcome for my first build.. Learned a
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