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Keith Munshower-3 2014

Keith Munshower

This is my 1976 Yamaha XS650. Like many others this started out as a purchase from someone with good intentions that fell horribly short. When I got the bike it did
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noid-DSCN0747-4 2014

John Trotter

This bike started out as a free to me low mileage 1978 special. I started by getting it running and soon tore it down to install a Tc Bros hardtail.
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-4 2014


Casey -  Got my 77xs 650 100% stock, did an ignition, timing, and carb tune up, and rejetted. A bearded buddy of mine and I stripped the bike, installed a Visual
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noid-IMG_3087-4 2014

Minty Fresh and not so Clean.

Jarrett Ward - This XS comes from a time period long forgotten or at least a time period most wish to forget. That period is known as the 70′s. 1976 to
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<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

long awaited results

Eric Henninger - At the age of 16 I dreamed of turning my ’73 650 yamaha into the bike in this pic.  39 years and countless bikes of all sizes and
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noid-photo_6-3 2014

Twisted Samurai

Dewey Fragie - This is the bike that I’ve dreamed about since 1974 and I finally got to build it! When I retired I needed a project, so I found a
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