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-1 2014

650 XS 447 – loic

Straight out of France – loic – A lot of work for a pure delight! loic – Beaucoup de boulot pour un pur régal ! (more…)

-5 2014

Norton Featherbed XS650 Cafe Racer

Jeremy Bramall – This bike was a basket case 1978 XS650 brought to us by a customer. I talked him into letting us build him a Norton Featherbed style frame.  We
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-4 2014

XS 650 Rocket Boy Garage

Giuliano Benassuti – XS650 1973 Rocket Boy Garage re building in 2012 (more…)

-2 2014

South African 1010cc cafe racer

John Goodenough  – Hi, Motor was built back in the early ’90s by Tony Hall and Graham Diederiks, a South African builder who would fly to England with cranks in his
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Black and Blue XS650-1 2014

Black and Blue XS650

Jeff Smith – Actually bought this bike in the cold of the North Winter here in Minnesota as something different than I usually do.  I have restored a few bikes including
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Rusty Gold 2012 Bubble Visor022 2014

Michel’s cafe/tracker

I needed an engine and wheels to use in my frame build project for school. I lives next door to XS650 specialist Jerry van der Heiden of Heiden tuning so I gave him
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