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lefthandcycles XS650 Acid King

Climate is changing-no massproduction-global warming- one of a kind-acid rain-less is less-sea level rise-changement- a new era dawns …. Ladies and gentleman may we present …the acid king ! (more…)


72/79 Cafe

Ted H – Made a cafe out of 2 bikes I had laying around used 72 tank and neck-title and the 79 engine. Used the 79 tank for a bump-stop and
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Mike – 1983 XS650 build in progress.Front end R6 forks with four leading shoe drum brakes.Wider back rim with mono shock mod to back end.Foot pegs brake and gear levers from
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Max Miille – XS650

Max – I saw an xs650 chopper at the skatepark and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I went home and found this website and started my addiction. Turns out
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Courtesy Motors Bodyshop

Here are some pics of my ‘79 XS650 Special. Found the bike 2.5 yrs ago on craigslist with 7700 miles on it, I picked it up for pretty cheap as something
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BARNYARD FIND! – Xs650 Cafe racer

Ok so here is my 1982 650 Heritage Special… Took longer than expected but from what I see that is not unusual. I bought it off an 80 year old
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