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1978 stretched, raked and lowered. (more…)


Scott’s 1977 Old School Chopper

Here is my just completed 1977 chopper. Had a amen savior type rear frame welded on. (more…)


Josh’s 79 Scoot

 Finally got my hands on a 79. Got a frame and motor and in 2 short months and a lot of blood, sweat and Redbull… she’s rideable. (more…)


RC Special

 1979 xs 650 motor, high lift cam, 750 big bore and 34 mikunis. (more…)

-05 2015

taffys bobber

Chris  – Hi this is my xs bobber just finished. Im down under in west Australia .bought the bike from over east turned out to be a heap.Anyway stripped it
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Johns xs650-01 2015

Johns xs650

It’s a 1981, with a 250 mm tire, and a built jack shaft to run this size tire. The frame is raked 8 degrees and molded. The paint is house
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