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Didier’s XS750 1982

Check out today’s bike with the custom paint job.   (more…)



1978 stretched, raked and lowered. (more…)


Scott’s 1977 Old School Chopper

Here is my just completed 1977 chopper. Had a amen savior type rear frame welded on. (more…)


Josh’s 79 Scoot

 Finally got my hands on a 79. Got a frame and motor and in 2 short months and a lot of blood, sweat and Redbull… she’s rideable. (more…)


RC Special

 1979 xs 650 motor, high lift cam, 750 big bore and 34 mikunis. (more…)

-05 2015

taffys bobber

Chris  – Hi this is my xs bobber just finished. Im down under in west Australia .bought the bike from over east turned out to be a heap.Anyway stripped it
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