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Jamie yamaha 1

Burd Motorcycle Co.

I salvaged this home build gone bad and rebuilt it to this.   (more…)

yats ride 1

Yats Ride

Here’s my bike 74 sporty front end and wheels.   (more…)

Roger yamaha 1

The Antagonist

We started out with a 1974 xs 650 as a starting point, which is basically relatively mundane Standard frame and put it on serious diet.     (more…)

Roger yamaha 1

The Scuttle Butt

This bike is a 1974 Yamaha xs 650 Standard (also known as a TX 650) that has been completely re-built from the ground-up.     (more…)

Roger rustler 1

The Rustler

This bike is a 1977 Yamaha xs 650 that has received some subtle but important modern improvements.     (more…)

Jeff yamaha 1

Sweet Tracker!

Purchased a few boxes of parts from a guy who had started collecting to build a street tracker but he decided he didn’t want to finish it.  So, before I
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