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Super moto

YAMAHA 650 Yamaha 650 but now it’s a 750 after completely rebuilt the engine, big bore kit new crank bearings, con rods, cam chain, high flow oil pump, race clutch
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Mick- What i ended up with

Mick- I found myself with two trashed 650s, both 78’s..I thought of a street tracker then, cafe, then bobber, then brat. This is what i ended up with. everything has
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Sea blue/green custom xs

1980 2fo. Started with changing te steer and rear & front brake cilinders. Build a custom ‘oil tank’ with a steel laser at my work. Added the light switches, killswitch,
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76 XS650 Streched swingarm

Hi! I bought this one like this. Maybe in the future I’ll have to get another one to chop, ’cause this one’s too nice. Only 2 pics for now. (more…)


Mean Xs

81 xs 650 special, pic’s say enough. criticize the rattle-can paint for now but soon to have finished paint, i’m broke. Shout out to for the hookups. (more…)


Full Leather

This old 1979 was first posted on this site as old faithful, it had a beautifull paint job that unfortunatly got damaged, so I decided to go full leather… The
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