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Custom trikes are choppers, too.

My 78 XS650 trike project. I started it only a couple months ago and it is always evolving. I coulda got a cleaner look with a hardtail, tho. It gets
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This is mine. XS

I don’t have a story. Here is my 650. I really like it. You know how it is when you build a bike. My first one. This is mine. I
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WWII Rat Bike

This is my 81 xs650, which i purchased from a friend, he needed the money, and i was looking for a project.  When he bought it, the bike was all
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Hilman Hurdiaman’s XS

just A xs 650.. it’s waiting to be chopped… (more…)



This bike was a 1978 Yamaha XS650 Standard that has been heavily modofied. The original bike had a siezed motor and a good ’77 motor with very low miles (roughly
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Fred Casalt-Made in Japan

1979 xs 650.  Cosmetically hammered, this Florida bike was given to me as a non-running derelict.  It had sat outside, unlicensed, for 15 years. the bike was dis-assembled, sand blasted,
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