Jed’s Orange Happiness


Jeds Orange Happiness4 20147 600x406

Jed Prentiss – I stumbled upon this site a couple of years ago just before Christmas and I knew I had found my new winter project. 2 months later with $800 in hand, I drove to NH and purchased this 1979 XS in rough, but running condition. The next 8 months were spent compiling parts and looking at every XS bobber I could find online.

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Buy a T-shirt – Win a headlamp

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1979 XS wicked greasy


1979 XS wicked greasy3 20145 600x298

I bought a 74 xs/tx from a guy in CT he said he had another bike without paperwork i could have for 200.00 that’s what I built this bike from. I wanted a bike that I didn’t have to worry about scratching or getting dirty so I built it beat up. All the wires are showing. I have had nothing but trouble stuffing wires into cans and using little battery’s. It does have a pamco  (smart money) groovy red metal flake grips and a bitch’n old bike pedal kicker. I built the exhaust from a DIY kit and wrapped it because my welds where crap and it looked awful ( isn’t that what that wrap stuff is for)  Most of the other stuff is just like everyone else’s bike. It leaks oil I don’t care its loud I really don’t care. This the third bike I have built and it is my favorite starts every time never gives me trouble. Continue Reading →


The Curse 75 xs650


The Curse 75 xs6501 20141 600x334

I acquired this bike in pristine condition this was one of those bikes a guy would see and think that’s a clean survivor I seen it and thought that would make a nice chop. I’ve built a few bikes working my skill up to build the bike I had in my head. I decided to go with a tc bros hard tail I’ve built hard tails myself but like the styling of their kits so I got to cutting. I installed the kit and knew zip wanted after market chrome wheels so I started with a 16″ 180 spoke rear and knew I had to go with a 21″ front. Continue Reading →

Brit Style Bobber


Brit Style Bobber1 2014 600x328

John – This XS650 started out as a 1981 Special, it took me over two years to complete and I finished it last summer. I had in mind a post war, British style, vintage custom bike, and (although it didn’t necessarily transfer into the finished bike!) took inspiration from Falcon motorcyles, Atom Bomb Customs, Shinya Kimura, Earl Kane, and Jeff Decker plus a lot of bikes on here. Continue Reading →

Fred’s, Oh For Flake Sake


Freds, Oh For Flake Sake2 20148 600x450

Fred Steeves –  It was a 50 dollar dumpster bound rat when I got it. That was to be a budget build of about 750 dollars. Did a small amount of work to the engine. Honed cylinders and new rings is all it needed. Replaced the old points and weak charging system with a Pamco electronic ignitition, PMA, high output dual coil all from Mikes XS.  The chassis has all the usual suspects from TC Bros. Hardtail, battery box, electronics box. Monster Craft chain tensioner. The brake stanchion is home built as well as the foot pegs. Using the old folding part of the peg on home made mounts. Seat is an old Corbin that was given as a gift from a friend to kick off the build. Continue Reading →