My First Build, EVER.

noid 2013 06 23 19.31.58 1 2014 600x358 My First Build, EVER.

Rowland Marshall - So I had been holding out for a Harley since I was 14. I had come close a few times but something always got in the way, so finally my buddy said I could ride his XS650 if we got it running. I started doing some homework and fell in love with what some of you were doing with these bikes so I figured what the hell. And here it is. Continue Reading →


Twisted Samurai

noid photo 1 1 2014 600x326 Twisted Samurai

Dewey Fragie - This is the bike that I’ve dreamed about since 1974 and I finally got to build it! When I retired I needed a project, so I found a 1982 xs650 heritage special and built what you see in my garage. had a blast building it and now i’m having a blast riding it at 70 years old. Continue Reading →

Bobber your life

noid XS 650 Bobber Messe Dortmund 2 2014 600x450 Bobber your life

In spring 2013 I started my XS 650 Bobber project not imaging how great the result will look like. Having seen the Brat Kit Style (and some other parts like gas tank) from Monstercraftsman this was the only way to modify the frame and to get (do not ask me how) the technical approval from the German TÜV which is required for official road use. Hard tail never goes thru. It is ready for the road now! Like it? Continue Reading →


Ben and Kev’s XSelent Adventure!

noid DSCN2467 Medium 2014 600x415 Ben and Kevs XSelent Adventure!

Ben and Kev’s XSelent Adventure!

Kevin - Here’s our ’78 XS my friend Ben and I built for the Greasy Dozen contest last year, sponsored by Bear of Old Bike Barn. We got a bunch of free stuff from Lowbrow Customs, Biltwell, Speed Dealer Customs, TC Bros Choppers, Lowside, Wrench, Showclass magazines, and Old Bike Barn. We tried to make the bike look like a 60′s show Triumph- classy but not too over the top. We built the hardtail from scratch including curved top tubes in the seat area, using axle plates from TC Bros.

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Michel’s cafe/tracker

DSC00041 2014 600x348 Michels cafe/tracker

I needed an engine and wheels to use in my frame build project for school. I lives next door to XS650 specialist Jerry van der Heiden of Heiden tuning so I gave him a visit. He had an imported XS for sale without Dutch licence plates.

I did nothing to the engine or other parts, just fitted them in the new frame for display. After finishing the project it disappeared some were in the back of a barn and was forgotten. I found it again and dicide to finish it. Continue Reading →

Territory Blue

noid 36   Engineering Certerfication 14th  September 2013 Strauss Airstrip Noonamah NT 2014 600x398 Territory Blue

Pete Grice - It’s taken 18 months from start to finish. Two of us started separate builds at the same time in the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory. My build started as a 1975 650-B that was still running but in a pretty sad state. Along with the usual ignition and alternator replacements, lots of MikesXS shiny bits there are also heaps of other mods. The Fuel tank has had the base cut to accommodate the top engine mounts.

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