Little Black Dress

2014 02 19 at 4.36.51 PM 600x351 Little Black Dress

The Limey - There are many, many XS650′s on the web that various people have bobbed, chopped, bratted, cafe’d and generally modified in a myriad of ways. So, trying to make a simple brat on a relatively low budget that stands out is getting a lot harder to do. Continue Reading →



noid image xs650 600x399  Desiree

Lucien clusman - Hi I present you desiree (almost 1 years work )Xs 650 1979

“Brobber” No a brat, not a bobber..

noid fr635038926576510000 xs650 600x324  Brobber  No a brat, not a bobber..

Jeff mink - This is my ’75 Standard that I built.. This was the first motorcycle that I have ever done and I am pleased with the outcome of this project… I added 3″ to the wheel base by moving the swing arm pivot.  The tank is the stock unit that I chopped down, I just couldn’t find anything that I really liked. Continue Reading →


The Barron

noid THE BARRON 01 xs650 600x355 The Barron

Roger - This bike was a 1979 Yamaha XS650. It has been completely re-built. There was a lot of modification done to the standard fame and then everything got media blasted and powder coated high gloss black.The head stock has been fitted with tapered bearings and bronze bushings were installed in the swing arm to give it a more responsive ride. The motor is essentially stock but has been upgraded with an electronic ignition system and a high output coil as well as a pair of Mikuni round slide carbs with UNI pod air filters.

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My homemade xs

noid DSC 0428 2014 600x385 My homemade xs

Sjoerd - hello everybody , I just want to show my homemade bike to everybody, it was a 83 special. 

The paint job I did myself just like the welding and anything else. It was a nice project to do this past winter.

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Woody II ’73 XS

noid IMG 1001 2014 600x313 Woody II 73 XS

Wizard - has been on my favorites, for research and inspiration, since the moment I got my greasy hands on the xs. Thank you for being there. Sometime around the first of the year 1972 my dad’s ridin’ buddy Jerry’s wife come rolling into the driveway in their ’65 Suburban with Jerry , bear-huggin’ a spankin’ new ’72 xs, in the back. I was just shy of 15 years old then and I will never forget that site. Later that same year another friend of dad’s rolled up on a brand new ’72 FL… ha, I was hooked. Been doin’ HDs ever since. Continue Reading →