jon smal – Dirty Rice


jon smal   Dirty Ricexs650 10a1 587x355

Jon – This was a shop project here at Hotshoe Cycle Works. Its a ’75 XS650B, last registered in 1981, it had been locked up in the back shed and repeatedly raped for parts over the last 30+ years, -No more though, the bike got a new dress and a second chance….. Continue Reading →


First Timer.


 First Timer.xs650 bobber 002 587x440

Brad – Traded a stalled V.W. project for a bike that had already been hacked on but it came complete and with a good title.Ive been admiring this site for a couple of years now and feel good about building my first bike. Started by calling Taylor at T.C.brothers to get their awesome hard tail,came to my body shop exactly when he said it would.This is a beautiful piece. Didn’t have ant problems welding it on.

A solo seat came with the bike but i don’t know who its from but i like it.Got a tank off some old harley from the 80’s.Found it in a guys barn and he just gave it to me,I love the shape and hope i can make it work.Plus free stuff is always good right?Also have drag bars for now.Next up on the list of things to do are plumbing the brakes,battery box,and all the millions of other little things that have to be done.Thanks to every one here for the great support and info.Peace – Brad Claussen

Free handlebars – Contest sponsored by lowbrow


Free handlebars   Contest sponsored by lowbrowwin handlebars

leave a comment or send in pic –

win a set of handlebars

Here’s another Contest sponsored by lowbrow with two chances to win a set of 7/8″ Keystones or 1 pair of 7/8″ Friscos handlebars.

Two separate ways to enter.  Two ways to win. All you have to do to enter is:

1. leave a comment on any post on the site!

2. Send in pictures and info on your xs650 using the site’s submission form.

Each winner will get to pick from 1 pair of 7/8″ Keystones or 1 pair of 7/8″ Friscos, winner’s choice of black or chrome.

Pretty simple. All you have to do is leave a comment or send in some pictures and your e-mail address will be automatically entered to win. Commenting “sweet bike” won’t cut it though – you need to write at least a sentence to qualify.

We will randomly draw 2 winners (one from the comments and one from xs650 pic submissions) and shoot them an e-mail on- 3/1/2012 

Randomly draw 2 winners on 3/5/2012..

Lowbrow will ship you your choice of:
Keystone Handlebars – 7/8″ –
Window Handlebars – 7/8″ -

That sell for $89

Anyone in the world can enter as long as lowbrow can legally ship to you. To leave a comment you don’t have to login, you just have to leave your e-mail address and pick a username.

Thanks again to Tyler at lowbrow..



yamasaki, called “not quite right”


yamasaki, called not quite rightxs650 noid IMAG0175 587x350

Jason goldsberry –  Used the front end off a 78 kz650, the rest of a 79 xs650. I put on a visual impact brat kit, tc bros bars, mustang tank, and a few other bits from the kz. It’s a fun bike and fun to ride. Its my first build.

The Money Pit…


The Money Pit...xs650 noid Money Pit 4b 587x359

Gary C. – The Money Pit…an ongoing project, was the name given to this bike by the previous owner who has ridden, broken, & repaired these machines for over 100,000 miles.

The Money Pit...xs650 noid DSC03543 587x365

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