La Crescent High School Chopper Club XS #1


Scott Martin – This bike is being built by high school students, after school, in La Crescent, Minnesota.  This is the first year the club has been in existence in La Crescent, so we’re keeping the build pretty basic, hard tail, PMA kit, homemade exhaust, homemade solo seat, and handlebars. We are planning on showing the bike this March at the Donnie Smith Bike Show for the Chopper Class Challenge. Continue Reading →


New site – New T-shirt.


New site

So, as you can probably tell the new site design is finished. I incorporated a lot of things you guys have asked for in e-mails and comments. It was a hell of a lot more work than I anticipated. But, I’m definitely happy with how it turned out. I basically rebuilt the entire site – then moved it over to a new VPS server.

The new design is minimalist but has lots of new features. Check out the new commenting system –  you can now reply to comments directly which makes having a conversation a lot easier. Another cool new part is the monthly feature archives  which pulls in all of the monthly feature bikes into a gallery page. All the work was worth it, the sites cleaner and much faster.  I’ll still be making small tweaks to the site  –  So if you have any comments or suggestions leave them below. Let me know what you think..

New T-shirt

Buy A T-shirt


With rolling out the site and all I figure we should do a new T-shirt to. I had Dwight do a new badass illustration of the Monster Biker on a XS650 Chopper. Printed on a Athletic Heather Gray T-shirt. And like always; printed on a super high-quality T-shirt, it should last a while. And the print quality is excellent.

We’ve got M, L, XL and a box of XXL. As soon as you order they’re ready to ship out with * Free Shipping in USA and Canada!

Support XS650 Chopper – Buy A Killer T-shirt. 



XS650 SideTracker


JD Bailey – This was a “winter project” turned two year build. The bike was bought as a runner. Well running with a bad tick turned out to have very low compression and had been run low on oil for a long time. After a full rebuild, and a couple of parts set backs. She runs great and puts a smile on my face every time I kick it over.

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XS650 Chop/Bob 1977 Yamaha


1977 XS650, fresh top end. Gooseneck frame and everything else custom. Rusty. Frame, seat, battery box, chain tansioner, headlight mount, highpipes, floorboards and foot controls all made by me.Copper metalflake grips. Tomiselli throttle. Low seat height. 32 degree neck, plenty of ground and cornering clearence. Continue Reading →



It all started out last year when I ran into an old friend that had just finished a fresh xs650. As soon as I saw it I immediately started looking for one for myself. Not too long after I came across this 1983xs completely stock with a (brand new rebuilt motor) <–haha Had a really hard time trying to get it to pass inspection due to it not being able to start, so I just started building it.  Continue Reading →

Board-tracker by 14KustoMotorcycles

Edgar – Hi. . . Its Me Again Edgar  from 14KustoMotorcycles, And this time I bring to all of you my first Board-tracker . . . The base is of course a yamaha XS 650 Mod. 78, and the frame is made by me. The front suspension is from a kawa 440 mod. 78 with a rake angle of 46 degrees and  I made a new front hub to admit the 36 spokes, the upper section of the frame is made in stainless steel and it works like the tank. Only five liters of gas can be stored, the front light is made from a old vw golf  fog light. I strip it out and made the case of the new light to combine with the tank, the handlebars are from a virago special. Continue Reading →