The Phat Tracker By ST CUSTOMS



Roger – This was a build done for a customer who had picked up a couple bikes from us for his teenage boys, and after doing all the test riding on those bikes he just had to have one for himself so he commissioned The Phat Tracker. Because of some legs issues he had to have forward controls, which is something you don’t ordanarily see on a bike styled toward a tracker sort of look. Continue Reading →


John XS 650 Cafe Conversion


XS650 Cafe Conversion

John Fitzpatrick – 1979 XS650 Special – I bought it with the intention of doing a very nice show bike quality bobber. Something like many of your best builds on here, but the bike was in such incredible original condition I could not stand the thought of cutting it up. The original “Special” look was not my cup of tea so the only logical choice to me was to do a café conversion (which I had been planning to at some point anyway). This is not a show bike, but it is a really decent on frame restoration. I design products and source production for a living, but I also build  frame up Off-Road Motorcycles; mostly bored and stroked Honda CRF250’s that I ship to customers looking for a really trick off-road bike to race that looks as nice as the factory bikes, but are more ride-able and built to the customer’s specific skill and needs. Continue Reading →

Pidgin Cycles XS1



João Afonso – Hello XS650 Lovers!! My name is João and i’m from Portugal, a small country but with big things…. This is my first XS built. Its a 1971 XS 1F. The bike was done at Estrondo Choppers, a great friend of mine, best known for Titan.

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Moving on….xs650



Paul Wilson – Hey guys, I am hoping to post my bike here for sale. I posted my bike here years ago when I started building it and now….5 years later, or so….I am moving on with it. I loved this bike and still do so without further ado, let me give the list of what this beast is….. Continue Reading →

Classic Hard Tail



I have been riding motorcycles for the past 7 years; however, I had never built a motorcycle before. I am a welder by trade, and have had years of mechanical experience…so I decided to start the search for a XS650 to build off of. After over a year of searching, I found the perfect donor bike. I bought it for $500 with approx 7,000 km’s on the original bike.

I started by taking apart the entire bike, right down to the frame. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted the bike to look like….I wanted a classic looking hard tail build. I wanted mid controls and drag bars. Continue Reading →

Scotty’s first build



Scotty – I Picked up an untitled roller with a 78 motor late last year in sacramento CA. The frame was already hard tailed with a TC bros section. I cleaned up the frame where needed to make sure it was road ready and made a few modifications for the seat, tank, fender mounts and switches.

My goal was to keep the bike skinny and kinda tall. The bars were made by Front street cycle, the pipes are by Pandemonium Choppers. I did the rest of the fab work myself including the sissy bar, brake pivot etc.  I hand shaved and polished the forks which is quite the task without proper tools to make it easy. Continue Reading →