74 street tracker

IMG 9743 2014 600x354 74 street tracker

Quinn - I bought three non running basket case xs650′s for $1050 ( a 72, 74 and 79). I had owned and ridden bikes for years but never did any of the the work myself – these bikes changed all of that. The 74′ motor was shot but the 79 still kicked over. The problem was the 79 had a lot of back fees with the CA DMV. So I used the 74 frame and the transplanted the 79 motor. I bought the seat pan and the tank  (“750 Champion”) from Omars along with the rear hub assembly which allowed me to run the 19” wheel out back to match the front – both on Avon Roadriders.  Continue Reading →


Jay Arnsperger xs

2014 01 14 xs6501 600x380 Jay Arnsperger xs

Jay  - I bought this bike about 2 years ago, Wasn’t running and in poor stock condition but only had 7000 miles on it. I got it running in a couple of hours. From there I dismantled the whole bike but didn’t have do anything internally to the engine except all new gaskets and seals. I welded on a 4” stretched hard tail with a 2” dropped seat. Every piece of hardware is either chrome or polished stainless steel. Continue Reading →

The Rusty Dog


noid side xs650 600x333 The Rusty Dog

Russell S. Zadlock - Started out as a motor i picked up from a guy my dad worked with, from there a buddy of mine Ryan Benson (MCW RACING) built the frame complete. Being it is a frame he built full we wanted to make it pop so I laid a deep red heavy matalic paint on it and let the rest be what it was. Continue Reading →


Top 10 Most Viewed Posts in 2013

Here is a round up of the top 10 most viewed posts in the year of 2013. These were the bikes that receive the most page views during 2013. Some of the xs650s were posted in earlier years but got quite a bit attention and page views during 2013.  It’s cool to see what bubbles up to the top each year.

The Raw and simple out of Austin, TX made the top of the list with the most page views AND total number of comments.  It’s one of those bikes that people either really love or hate. The photography quality is pretty decent which I think contributes to it being one of the most viewed posts. Raw and simple also generated some great discussion. One of my personal favorite is jason harrills xs650 with its brass pieces.

10 most viewed posts of 2013

  1. xs650chopper.com/2010/05/raw-and-simple/
  2. xs650chopper.com/2011/04/jason-harrills-xs650/
  3. xs650chopper.com/2010/07/the-new-71-leadfist-xs/
  4. xs650chopper.com/2010/07/bhalls-79-xs650-tcu-bbo-leaf-springer-spit-wassell-tank/
  5. xs650chopper.com/2010/08/visual-impact-brat-build/
  6. xs650chopper.com/2010/03/xs650-cafe-the-beast-mk2-from-the-limey
  7. xs650chopper.com/2009/04/yamaha-xs650-bobber-the-fong-bros/
  8. xs650chopper.com/2009/03/xs-650-german-bobber-2/
  9. xs650chopper.com/2009/06/rephased-xs650-chopper/
  10. xs650chopper.com/2013/01/busch-brothers-fare-east-xs650/

It’s really awesome to see what guys are able to build with the Yamaha xs650 platform. Anybody who decides to build on the platform starts with the same basic bike; Yet no XS650 on this site look exactly the same.

And for xs650chopper.com: We will be making some small changes and improvements to the site in the coming year. Plan to keep the site running smoothly and continue to post up sick xs650 choppers –  as long as you guys continue to send in the pictures. So if you are working on a xs650 take some high quality pictures when you’re finished and send them in. If you enjoyed the site help keep it going by sending in your bad ass bikes.


Cetar membahana XS 650 1979

noid XS2 xs650 600x434  Cetar membahana XS 650  1979

Hi – My name’s Agung from South of Jakarta, Indonesia. This is mine XS 650 1979. In 2012 I start to Build it and now it is finish, maybe 98% finish – almost. All it is hand made by me. I wanna say thanks to my friend Bongkrek Pesolima, The Master of XS 650 from Jogja the centre of Java Island, thanks for Mentoring. Now My XS in Very Good Condition…

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Ben’s new build, “The 23″

photo xs650 Bens new build, The 23

Ben - My new build is centered around 23″ rims.  This was inspired by the ‘Board tracker update‘ post on this site.  I loved the look of two 23″ rims and a leafer front fork.  So I started the search for rims and began gathering little bits and pieces for my build.  I started the bike in November of 2012 and finished it in late June of 2013.  Not bad for being broke and a full time student.  My wife bought me a David Bird looped hard tail for a Christmas present, so I ordered it 3″ drop and 6″ stretch.  I’ve always been a fan of the Fong Brother’s frames where they keep the swing arm bracing on the stock frame.  So I worked that into the frame mods as well.   Continue Reading →