Mark Anderson – Veronica ’74


Mark  – First attempt, mostly done with a hacksaw, a drill and some files. Lowered 2″ front and rear, relocated electronics and rewired, made the pipe extensions, battery box, dash, light mounts etc. Continue Reading →


Chris’s Big rim XS build


Chris – I just finished my XS build that I started back in January. The build took longer than I wanted it too, but I was orgistrating the build from over an hour away at my dad and grandpas shops. I have built two previous XS bikes but wanted to do something different with this one. I wanted to stick more to a bicycle look. Bigger rims front and back but keep the wheelbase as short as possible. The previous owner tunred the stock bike into a cafe racer and never finished it. Continue Reading →

Grim Wizard Rephased XS650


The Grim Wizard.  Its a 1979 XS650 ,I started out with a bone stock 78 xs650  rode it for a week before i tore it down deciding to change things with the help and guidance of my great friend Blu. We stuck it in a stock frame that had a tc bros hard tail,changed the stock front end to a DNA springer with a 21″ wide glide wheel ,ran a 16″ drum xs wheel for the rear,i put a Lowbrow Customs mustang tank that i messed up painting so i primed it brown and added some gold leaf to it.The bike lasted like this for maybe month before i decided to tear it down again and start over. Continue Reading →


What’s Up XS650chopper?


Hi XS650 Chopper, It’s been a few days since I’ve updated this site with new posts and I thought I’d let you guys know what’s going on. I’ve been rebuilding the backend of the website optimizing our database and rebuilding a number of things. I’ve also been working on a brand-new site design which will include a bunch of new features you guys have asked for. 

So, if you send in pictures in the past couple weeks and don’t see them on the site yet it’s because I’ve been waiting to publish them until the new design is live. I am setting on a stockpile of XS650’s that will be posted up very soon including some really sick monthly feature xs650’s which I think even some of you critical mofo will appreciate. We’ve posted a new bike almost every single day for the past year straight and I plan for that constant flow of bike’s to continue.

It’s also been awhile since I’ve post any updates of my own xs650’s. Both of my bikes are very close to being finished and I hope to have some pictures to post up with in the next couple months to show you guys what I’ve been building.

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Lanesplitter XS


Tpearl – I had a few questions about my bike from a YouTube my friend made posted on this site, so I figured I’d send a little write up. I’ve got this bike all over the web, so apologies for those of you who are sick of it.

I started with a pair of XS’s from Oklahoma a year ago. Sold one and a cache of parts to get started on my non-running 75. My vision was a lanesplitter style chop, skinny, fast, and as inconspicuous as one can get with a chopper.

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Jake – I picked up this 76′ xs at the beginning of January, was in real rough shape, but had already been converted to hardtail and chopped pretty good. I stripped it down to the frame, removed all the old paint and grime, and got rid of various brackets and smoothed up some spots. Repainted the frame and put the motor back in, replaced tank/bars/controls. Made a handful of stuff on it like the mid mount pegs, kickstarter pedal, tailight/plate bracket, rear brake pedal mounts and relocated. Its close to being finished, just a few more weeks here. Sticking with a black and bare metal theme, everything bare i have or soon will be clearcoating.