Matt Verdell – First build


Matt – I bought this bike off a craigslist 6 months ago for $450. The first thing i did was drop the frame off at tc bros for a hardtail and neck gussets. I made the rear fender from a Harley Davidson heritage front fender. Continue Reading →

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John’s xs bobber


John – I picked up a bunch of boxes full of xs parts and a titled frame for $50.  I got started putting it back together with a tc bros hardtail and after a couple months ended up with what you see.  It’s kick only with the battery and electronics all fit in the fake oil tank.   Continue Reading →



SUPACHAI NANPAN – THAILAND XS650 CUSTOM – All parts handmade by me.

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Shrek reborn


Tables – Well it is done, Shrek has been reborn. Everyone on this site seems to become totally addicted to these bikes and I ‘ve gotta say I am no different….”My name is Tables and I am addicted”. There I said it, what a relief. After many, many late nights of not seeing my wife or kids, grinding, cutting and banging away in the garage for the last 9 months I can now say that I have completed my first build. Continue Reading →

XS650 Final Assembly


David Bryan – This is my first motorcycle build and I learned a lot and probably did a lot of dumb shit. The bike’s not finished yet! Gotta paint it, finish cleaning up the wiring, and replace a few more things. Music – Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes

Joel Mekolites xs


First start up.


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