Niggel`s XS Hardtail



U.S.Custom Bikes Udo Sacher – OK ,The bike is a 81 Xs with an weld-on hardtail.

It has a XT-500 front and rear wheels with stainlees steel spokes – Pirelli Tire. Continue Reading →

WIN A Fender!


WIN A nice new steel fender from Lowbrow!

Lowbrow Customs is a long-time supporter of xs650chopper. They have kindly offered their new/classic fender for a giveaway!

Just share this photo on your Facebook and Like the Lowbrow & xs650chopper Facebook pages (if you haven’t already!) to be entered. If your profile is set to private just comment and share under this photo to be included. The winner will be chosen randomly on Oct. 13. Good Luck mofos!

This classic style has been brought back from twisted, dilapidated swap meet finds, ready for mounting on your custom motorcycle. The raised center rib, flared duckbill and subtle stamped branding harken an earlier era. Available in 4-3/4″ and 6″ widths, in your choice of raw steel or aluminum. Radius fits 18″ tires as well as vintage-style 16″ tires. Thanks to Lowbrow Customs, The Home Builder’s Hook-Up, for being cool..


Just share this photo on your Facebook.

Contest ends on on Oct. 13


The Transformer



Imagine its 2043 and you live at the planet Cyberton.

There is a war between Autobots and Deceptions.

Involved in this war you have to chose between your caferacer or your scrambler. Not easy if you like them both ! Continue Reading →

77 Frisco chop



Well it seems that this bike is again building itself…..
She seems to be fond of the 70’s crisco style.

Managed to swap my old front end with a friend for the vintage skinny springer that is 6 over. Once installed I realized it would not allow me to turn with the coffin tank, since it’s an inline springer.

I cut up the coffin tank to skinny it down and in the mean time picked up a peanut tank that I spray bombed. I may just keep the peanut and paint and sell the skinny coffin tank because I love how this bile is turning out.

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1981 XS650 Bobber/Streetfighter



Justin Juencke – I bought this 1981 XS650 about 7 months ago. The rigid frame conversion had already been done. When I got it home I went through all of the wiring and converted it to an electronic ignition. Then I took for a couple rides and noticed that the fuel tank had started to leak. So I went on Lowbrowcutoms and found the P-nut tank and a nice Bates Style rear fender. Continue Reading →

Jimmy Dirtnap’s Re-Phased 750



Jimmy – By 1867, just 18 years after opening, the cemetery was just about full.  An average of 1100 burials had taken place each year, or about 21 every week.  By the mid 1860s the problems of bodies close to the surface, open graves and seeping water saw a growing agitation for its closure. Neighbouring businesses complained of maggots and blowflies coming from the cemetery.  After heavy rain, the ground appeared to disgorge maggots – a stark reminder of the mortality of humans and the corruption that followed death, and an indication of the shallow depth of some of the graves.

On cold mornings a sickly damp mist hung just above the ground, while on hot summer days you could barely walk past it without a cloth over the mouth and nose. Continue Reading →