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1977 rugged bobber


-4 2014

Jose Mendez – A friend and I took on a 77 project. Bike was in pieces in a barn. We picked it up for a fair price. Quickly jumped on wiring and wanted to hear it run. Once we got it running it was right to tearing it apart. We sent out a bunch of parts to powder. Mocked up bars, I cut up the fender it came with and made it work. It’s been fun, still have more work cut out but, the end is near.

We will be selling this bike soon, look out for it on eBay and Craigslist CT Continue Reading →

79 Chop round two!


-4 2014

Pedro – 1979 XS650, found this one in a barn, only had 800 miles on it. Brought her home and took it down the frame and cut the tail section off with a 4″ grinder with cut off wheel. Ordered a TC Brothers hard tail welded that on, chopped the stock pipes and wrapped them. Did the complete bike in black. Rode her a year like that and then started buying a few nice parts and repainting the tins. Currently some of the parts on the “79 Chop” are LaRosa seat, Mikes XS exhaust, TC Bros hard tail, Harley Sportser tank, GMT micro battery, stock rear fender cut to fit. Sure I’m missing something. Thinking about selling her and moving on to the next project. I live in Oklahoma and the bike has under 2k miles on it. Oh yeah she is kick start only, the way it should be! Continue Reading →

support xs650

Nate’s ’83 XS650 Heritage Special


-1 2014

3DogNate – I horse traded a buddy a paint job and some cash for the donor bike which had been broken down for a cafe racer build. I was not really thrilled with the direction that the previous owner was headed in with it. So I got out the angle grinder and went to work… I learned how to TIG weld on this frame… I did all the fabrication and paint myself. A quick rundown of the purchased parts that I used…. Continue Reading →

basement boogie


-3 2014

Laz – My buddy Roland bought this bike about 5 years ago. We chopped it in half, tossed a tc Bros. hardtail on it. Then it sat until about 2 months ago. Then we got the itch to finish it. So we stripped the harley project of all the necessary parts to finish the xs650.  Stole the whole front end, rear wheel, seat pan, lights, etc. Bought a wassel style tank, been through about 3 fenders and handlebars so far,  but haven’t liked any of them yet. Continue Reading →



-8 2014

Kevin Jakubczak – Life for me started out as a fairly clean stock blue 1974 xs650. The previous owner had laid it down at one point with his wife on the back of the bike, so he decided it would probably be best to sell it. Luck would have it, I found it listed in the local classifieds, so I decided to drive up the mountain to go have a look. I wasn’t expecting much, and quite honestly I thought the guy would flake on me. It was a very wet, foggy day. Took me three hours to get up the hill and to locate his house, but my aggravation was alleviated as soon as I pulled up to his driveway and laid my eyes upon it. Freezing cold, snot running from my nose, I asked to hear her run. The owner obliged, went inside his work shop and grabbed the key. With a quick turn of the key she shook to life. I was ecstatic. $800 later it was mine.

My first bike. My first project.

I have always loved early motorcycles, especially the old board track bikes, so as one may guess, I modeled mine after them. I didn’t want it to look like something it’s not, but I knew going into it just how I envisioned the final build to look. I wanted to run 21″ rims both front and rear. I wanted a thin narrow bike, something completely different from all the other bikes I see in my area. I wanted a mix of shiny and raw. Hand made imperfections that I admire the most on any build. After the CHP inspection and a trip to the DMV, I started to strip her apart. Continue Reading →