Yamaha Xs650 model ID table

Model Code Serial Number Year Color(s)
XS1 256 S650-000101 1970 Candy Green
XS1B 256 S650-007101 1971 Candy Orange
XS2 306 S650-100101 1972 Brilliant Red
TX650 366 S650-200101 1973 Metallic Flake Blue
TX650A 447 447-000101 1974 Cinnamon Brown
XS650B 533 447-100101 1975 Star Black
XS650C 584 447-200101 1976 French Blue
XS650D 1T3 447-700101 1977 Maxi Maroon, Bountiful Blue
XS650E 2F0 2F0-000101 1978 Star Black, Spruce Metallic Green
XS650SE 2M0 2F0-100101 1978 Vintage Burgundy, New Midnight Black
XS650F 2F0 2F0-150101 1979 Cobalt Blue
XS650SF 2M0 2F0-250101 1979 Carmine Red, Black Gold
XS650-2F 3N0 4F0-250101 1979 New Yamaha Black
XS650G 3G0 3G0-000101 1980 Black Gold
XS650SG 3G1 2F0-200101 1980 Cardinal Red, New Yamaha Black
XS650H 4N9 4N9-000101 1981 Indigo Blue, New Ruby Red
XS650SH 4M4 4M4-000101 1981 New Yamaha Black, Frost Silver
XS650SJ 5V4 5V4-000101 1982 New Yamaha Black
XS650SK 5V4 5V4-100101 1983 New Yamaha Black, New Ruby Red

See this – For instructions to xs650-hardtail your Yamaha XS650.

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